Pioneering Computer Art of Pygoya, 1985-1990

Computer Art Stages of Development and Exploration

1985-86 Collaboration with Larry Lovett (Hawaii's lst computer artist); output: screen shot photographs exhibited;
Hawaii's lst computer art exhibitions: Soho Too Gallery & Loft, Honolulu; Honolulu Club, Hawaii

1986 Amiga 1000 - "high resolution" works (600x800 pixels); Picasso simulation series; juried into Honolulu
Academy of Arts museum's "Artists of Hawaii" annual juried competition

1987 Digitizing original art and photography; Pixelate Painting or "Pixelism", "Paint Outs" or "Computer Oil
Paintings", Lumena Series II; New York City exhibiting- Bronx Museum's national juried group exhibition; Nishi
Noho Gallery - solo show of Computer Oil Paintings (Brooke Shields and Fred Gwynn at opening reception); start
work on "Assembly" (11 feet by 6 feet oil on canvas with over 230,000 painted 4 mm x 4 mm hard edge squares
(representing pixels; monitor image magnified in sections and printed out as grid sections of total image for
reproduction as traditional medium painting)

1988 IBM AT, Atari - both deadends; Amiga 1000 Perspective Series (low resolution, 300x400 pixels); Paint Outs
(commissioned painters to reproduce digital image faithfully; Shanghai painters); Serigraph editions ("Island
Comforts", "Trouble in Paradise"; Off Set Lithograph edition ("Interface"); Posters ("Tropical Delights", "The
Boomerang Effect"); Chinese series (100 images) for solo exhibition at Shanghai Art Museum, catalog book:
Rodney Chang<Computer Artist; "Assembly" completed Dec. 31, 1988; own painting series (20x24 inches
canvases); juried into Academy of Arts museum's 1988 Artists of Hawaii exhibition

1989 IBM DeLuxe Paint II; Arche Rival (Intell clone) Lumena Series III; Amgia 1000- continued works, Woodcut
- lst digital designed woodcut, collaboration with master woodcut printer Mingli Jiang ("Picasso's Bullfight");
"Paintouts" - INFO Magazine (national Amiga computer magazine); lst Annual Computer Art Exhibition by Hawaii
Computer Art Society, founded by Rodney Chang in 1989; closing of SoHo too Gallery & Loft (1985-1989);
digitizing 35 mm camera work (ala Claude Horan, MFA); 2nd Annual Hawaii Computer Art Exhibition (City Hall),
Paris-Honolulu Exchange Show exhibition (June 89); Etching -lst computer etching with Richard Li;
Pseudo-Photorealism Series (mountain series): Koa Gallery exhibition; Photo-transfer canvas experiment;
Pseudo-Pixelate Painting - mosaic clusters composed of aggregate same colored pixels, painted on canvas;
Interactive Narrative Painting; Surface Mapped Sculpture; Real Time Painting experiment; Real World digital
sculpture ("Chinese Facade" wooden wall sculpture as replica of CAD image on Amiga 1000); Holter Museum of
Art, solo exhibition, Helena, Montana

1990 Las Vegas Art Museum solo exhibition, Las Vegas, Nevada

Future plans - painting and sculpture without computer but with developed computer art sensitivity; "real time
painting" - use computer with monitor and actual easel on canvas alternately in developing final painted image