Financial Success of the Artist - the way it appears today 

Pygoya, May 30, 2006


     It's like any other retail business of selling services or commodities - the artist needs to get "established."  What this means, no matter what the quality of the art is, is that the artist has enough faithful buyers of his or her works.  From the huge supply of works available, now more visible and accessible because of the Internet than just what is showcased in commercial galleries, a group of admirers must gell into buyers.  The most important are not those who make that first purchase but who become "repeat buyers."  Much of the time in commercial galleries is "working the phones" by the sales staff, keeping former buyers in the network and interested in new offerings by the artist they have already "invested" in.  The attitude is ingrained into the buyer that they have a stake in the artist's future success.  

     So, sadly, things are not much different for the artist as for, let's say,  a dentist or a realtor.  The professional must develop a steady clientele that continues to seek further goods and services.  "Fame and fortune" is earned one collector at a time.  Mere purchases by customers come to be seen as "acquisitions" by "patrons."