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What "is" art?
Philosophical Approaches to an Art Psychology
Some Cybercultural sites
Definition of "Cyberart"
The Psychology of Art
The Chaotic Existence of the Computer Artist
Beyond Computer Art
Beyond Computer Art II
Correlation between Digital and
  20th Century Art Movements
Art Psychology and Cyberart
Reflection: Doing Time in Art Schools (On Becoming a Professional Artist)
Interview: Pygoyan Art Today
Interview: Deutsch (German)
Other Languages Translations
Digital Prints: a Webist's Viewpoint
Art "Roles" Realization
Art Talk for Dentists
Formation of Digital Artist Style
Visons of Sugar Plums 4 Art's Sake
Visions-blog documentation 12-31-04
Adapting to Online Art 
Memoirs of an Artist
Mouse Mightier Than the Brush
Immortality and Art
Art for Eternity
Blink, - I Like It!
My Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Visiting Artist, Santa Fe
The Search For Roswellian Art
The Pygoyan Gap - different time responses to
   landscape versus abstract
Cerebral Conflict in Abstract Art Perception
The Master's Touch - "Main Street," a digital dead end
Finally, Validation via Art Historian
Bird Feces as Digital Art
Brain and Machine as One Artist
Shrinking Art - on wireless gadgets
Andrea's Gardens - a Tale of 3 Generations of Artists
Face Without a Body
Frankenstein Art

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