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Here you can find links that lead you to a number of Museums and Galleries all over the world.

19.04.2005 Research Group on the Global Future

The Museum of Web Art (MOWA) was founded for the reason that excellence and innovation in this new, electronic medium must be made accessible. MOWA aspires to be a place not only of galleries and exhibits, but of education and enrichment.

Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
This truly virtual web art museum provides archived exhibitions, current virtual exhibitions, a cyberculture library and many other links.

Museum of London
The Museum of London represents half a million years of history and over seven million modern Londoners. The Museum provides exclusively on-line exhibition about London life and history.

Some selected works are presented at the site of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In addition information about the collection and special past and present exhibitions are available.

Homepage of the famous Musee de Louvre in Paris. Contains a considerable amount of Louvre owned art works from each period that can be watched online, as well as lots of information on the museum, its resources and exhibitions of the past. It also offers the opportunity to pay a small virtual visit and watch videos about the collection and former exhibitions.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney has no pieces of art available online, only information about past, present and futures exhibitions of the past and some interesting links to the world of art.

At the site of the Getty Museum many works of art can be viewed on screen in excellent quality, provided that you have the appropriate hard- and software. It also provides many links to parallel exhibitions in other places.

Here one can view art works from all four British museums of the Tate Foundation. Roughly two thirds of all the art works have on-line images. The Tate modern, comprising art from the beginning of 1900 onwards, has an installed web-cam. Also, two online art projects were launched, with two artists rearranging art works of the Tate Gallery under utilization of new media tools.

Egallery hosts real world pictures, which can be ordered online.

Art-Info provides addresses of museums in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and lists some exhibitions in big European cities. 

Edition Steack is a commercial gallery that offers art works of many contemporary mainly German artists. The head of this gallery, Klaus Staeck, is the most important German poster artist and one can view every poster and postcard online he has made over the last three decades. They deal with German politics and global issues.

Another commercial German gallery that offers graphics and multiples, which can be watched online.

Artcart calls itself the first netart-shop.

Art-Info provides addresses of museums in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and lists some exhibitions in big European cities.

Guide to galleries and museums in Southern California.