From Exposition Press, Inc., Hicksville, New York


Opening from editor/publisher, Exposition Press, Inc.




November 17, 1978


Dear Dr. Chang,

Ordinarily, I do not report back to an author this quickly, but, in your case, I have decided to expedite matters. When your manuscript arrived in the house, I devoted my immediate attention to it. Now that I have read MENTAL EVOLUTION AND ART, I am pleased to say that I am strongly impressed with your consistently well-written and interesting study.

Your work is thoughtful, carefully substantiated synthesis of the study of art and the philosophic study of human nature. The discussion of mental evolution, focusing upon the "ontogeny recapituating phylogeny" axiom, is fascinating and clearly presented. An admirable control of the tenuous balance between scientific facts and lucid, understandable prose is strongly evident in your handling of this important contribution to the philosophy of science. Subsequent discussions of dreams, creativity, and the mental and physical life cycle further expand your presentation with the same cogent detail and exemplary clarity. I was impressed with your application of theories of natural philosophy to the development of art and to the creative process. In addition, by explaining the therapeutic values of art as a means to keep in touch with reality by stimulating different levels of consciousness, you open a new and unexplored perspective to your readers. In sum, I found your work consistently interesting and entertaining, a unique blend of scientific information, philosophy, and practical advice.

For these reasons, Dr. Chang, I shall be pleased to publish MENTAL EVOLUTION AND ART under the Exposition Press imprint. As soon as you receive the complimentary copy of HOW TO ACHIEVE MASTERY IN PAINTING AND DRAWING, you will be aware of our high publishing standards. Naturally, your book will receive the same professional attention....


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