Email to Ingrid Kamerbeek, Leader of the Webists group, November 30, 2012


FROM morning to late night, tired, but happy to be done with revised homepage link to all the shows!
Notice how so much LI work selected as rep of shows. Wow, Webism played big role in building show contents for the museum. Congrats to the Webists, especially LI for all the hard work.
Go to and click on upper left "Permanent Virtual Collection" . HOPE you like it!!

Please announce to our group that the museum just got upgraded. Now all the shows over 15 years are more visible with cursory review of few pages.
Bet so many Webists will be excited to find their long ago show, now so prominently visible. Now all can see how their show is a part of the museum's total exhibitions and therefore PERMANENT VIRTUAL
COLLECTION.  I leave the work tonight feeling honored to show such great work of the Webists and other artists. Most of all I now have a sense of responsibility to maintain this web site as several artists are now deceased. Their show at may be the only memory of their life's art efforts, especially if they were digital artists. So now truly, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum IS a museum in which
deceased artists will not be forgotten because their work lives on in the virtual MUSEUM. 

You can forward this email to everybody. I, Rodney Chang, remain guardian of the works that are housed in as they serve as memorials of the deceased and their very special individual creativity.

Oh, any new Webists in "Working Webists 2012" shall be added to the artist name search directory. Those that are disappointed of not sending anything in to the museum, via the special door of Webism, have
another chance in the planned "Working Webists 2013."

Warm regards for the Webists,