Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 00:55:09 -0400

don't know if this is being seen by rodney chang, but if it is, then my
name is edward sokol and i knew you as rod chang ... and you and i
exhibited our work together in 1968 (!! WOW!!!) as fledgling artists. it
was at an outdoor art show held every weekend on kalakaua (?) avenue near
the ocean. i was living in kaneohe at the time (from new york) and we used
to sit together.

what is spooking me is that i just (last week!!!) found photos of my time
in hawaii ... and one of the photos was of the two of us sitting together
with our pegboard (pukaboard?) displays ... waiting patiently (and quite
bored) for buyers to come along. now ... tonight ... with wild coincidence
(and totally at random) i came across your website. i am impressed with
what you have accomplished since then ... and i applaud you. i too have
continued my work and am now in 7,000 collections around the world. you
can find me on the web anywhere just by typing in my name.

i left hawaii within one year to return to new york with the offer of a
one-man show ... and things catapulted from there.

if you are the person i am thinking of, it would be nice to hear from you.
if you would like, i would then send you a digi-copy of the photo of you
(and me) as callow youths some 35 years ago.

whether it is you (or another) rodney chang, then congratulations on your
vision and creativity.
if it's the rod chang i knew then it blows my mind how small the world has

edward sokol