DREAM: Conflicts of Time Scheduling & Aging

Elements of a early morning dream, January 22, 2009

1. In line, taking turn running over yard lawn, then doing a tumble -
   in girls' ballet class. Tumble as in tumbling, or football player tumbling
   to break fall after getting hit hard to the out of bounds line.
   I cannot run fast enough to complete the tumble, do it half way, then fall back.
   I tell instructor Ms. Lee, cannot get enough speed because conditioned for long distance
   marathon, soon to commence.
2. In root canal lecture, walk up to instructor to inform him that I must leave early because I
   have a marathon to run (New Orleans, Feb. 1)
3. In military, on a training run, which turns out to be the marathon.  Now running and it's almost
   sunset, getting darker. Suddenly, taking a turn toward deep incline steps, almost fall 10,000 feet
  off cliff.  Stumble back to safety, but admired the view down the canyon and realized I had no camera(s)
  for this marathon run.  Luckily close by there's a counter with black woman selling souvenirs, including
  disposable yellow cameras.  I pull out wallet and ask for one. She says $5 something, which is cheap, so
  I ask for 4.  She then says $74.  I check and realize I may be short for cash needed at the airport to get back
  home to Hawaii after the marathon run. So I tell 3 cameras fine.

Mind in dream state mixing daughter's ballet class, gynastics (she did this as a child), football (son trying out for college team),
marathon running, dental education (going to root canal class today at Hawaii Dental Assn convention 09), photoshooting
marathon routes (marathoncoursephotos.com), former military training, as artist looking for new scenery to paint (beautiful
canyon at drop off),  and inefficient money and tight timing for travel and coordinate many activities into a tight personal
schedule (10 degrees, 26 marathons, artwork, dental work, writing, family activities, etc.)