June 5, 2007


Don Chapman, Editor-in-Chief
Hawaii Midweek Magazine


Dear Don,

Hi, remember me, the Disco Dentist of old? I used to make your Advertiser column.
Now 61, retired from Rumors on my 60th birthday.
Now I write instead of dance.
I head out for book signings of my new Sci Fi novel, "Roswell Encounter Gallery."  It's about an old Hawaiian dentist who opens a gallery in this mecca of all things UFO (because decades of trying resulted still in no interest in digital or UFO art).  He doesn't realize the aliens made him do it!
Here's a bit about the book(s)
I hope you can assist me in stirring any interest here for my literary works. Fledging authors, I find, struggle as much as visual artists. 
The book is timed for the UFO Festival there in July to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the "Roswell Incident."  With the UFO museum and the planned theme park, UFO interests has spawned a new tourist industry for this small SW town in the middle of nowhere.
When I retire from my Kalihi dental practice, I plan to move to Roswell.  Feels like some sort of self imposed exile but my wild streak never did fit into our conservative island culture.
Dr. Rodney Chang