Sun, 9 Mar 2003 14:04:20 +1100
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Hi Gemmy,
Your kind comments always welcome !!1 I've been taking photos in Sydney, Luna Park is being demolished which is sad for the kids today..  wrote the following...

“In Praise of Folly”

I remember when the exuberance of youth was released with much enthusiasm and excitement.

At Luna Park, under a starry night sky, music, movement, pictures, lights, reflections on the harbour resonated in a space we knew as ‘fantasy’.

These atmospheres provided vital food for the creative force of life itself … imagination. Whatever could be imagined became a possibility, a hope, a dream.

But it seems that the carnival is indeed over and, sadly, in Australia, only a few carousels have survived.

Today’s child is educated in technological sophistication to ensure that daily life runs efficiently in our fast-changing times. 

Thus, on the surface, it would appear that we have come a long way...

many human experiences can be simulated, at the push of a button or click of a mouse. 

But unlike the self-isolation of digital entertainment, the merry-go-rounds and other such rides were shared experiences.

For many, the image of the fun fair remains in our hearts and minds.

It is a symbol of our childhood, of simplicity yet so elaborate that it cannot be grasped, even by the kind of mechanical thinking that is required in today’s informational electronic world. 

May it live forever in a soul space, tucked away with clowns, fairy-floss, innocence and bright eyes.


Linda Martin, 2003