December 11, 2005



Letter to Parent's Communicator


Dear Sam,

Last evening's Senior Dinner was a memorable event for all involved in
Punahou football to gather one last time.
Much mention was made how this year's team made history  for football for
the "Punahou nation."

It dawned to me this morning that I should have mentioned that this year's
team is referred to in my upcoming novel, "Pygoya."  Although it is a
fictional story revolving around art rebels and the supernatural, one of the
character's son is a walk on senior for the 2005 Punahou team.  I even use
Bronson's name, although the last name is changed.  But the school is
identified.  I wrote this chapter during the preseason (sitting up in the
bleachers with my laptop, watch practice like I always do - one coach
eventually came up and asked if I was a spy for another team!).  So the book
only state that Punahou was ranked No. 1 during the preseason.  Since I have
an author's right to make up anything in fiction, I wrote that the team went
on to become state champions.  Boy was I so close!  Anyway, it's fiction,
the marvelous, "magical," team of Davids that slew Goliaths is FOREVER
PUBLISHED in this book.  I just thought the Punahou football family should
know this fact.

Thanks for a great season, Punahou football family!

Dr. Rodney Chang, Bronson Chang (No. 40)'s dad
Oh, novel will be available at in mid or late January 2006

title: Pygoya - a novel of art rebels & the supernatural
author: Rodney E. J. Chang
publisher: Booksurge, LLC



Letter from Coach Kale Ane


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From: "Kale Ane" 

Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 10:58 AM
Subject: thanks

> Hi Rodney, what a great idea for a story. I'm glad you and your son,
> Bronson were able to be a part of our special year. It really was an
> amazing year for all of us. Its sad to see it end but I'm so proud of
> all they did.  It is something I will always remember, the boys and
> this team.
>  I had a nice note from your son, he didn't feel comfortable speaking 
> in front of everyone, so he took the time to write me a thank you note
> that was very touching. I really am lucky to be able to coach, it is
> something I love and it is always a special gift to be out there with
> the boys.  I didn't have the opportunity to coach my son so I try to
> coach my players like they were my son and treat them the way I would
> like him to have been treated.
> Thanks for all your support this year, I know it was trying at times
> but I hope Bronson enjoyed being a part of our team. the only regret I
> told Bronson was that he didn't come out last year.  He really improved
> in one year and with the experience he gained I believe he could have
> been an impact player for us.  But I'm glad he took the risk of trying
> and coming out, I know he enjoyed being there.  Good luck with your
> book and let me know when it comes out, I enjoy reading and would love
> to have an autographed copy of the book. when it comes I can get a book
> and maybe have you sign it if you don't mind.
> Thanks again for all your support and good luck with your book, it must
> be exciting, (someday I'd like to write a book as well!) aloha Kale Ane



Letter Reply to Coach Ane-


> Dear Kale,
> Thank you for your thoughtfulness for writing to me.
> I appreciate the opportunity you and the staff provided for late comer
> Bronson. I appreciate the kind words that he has what it takes to
> into an impact player - if there was more time, more seasons.
> I am proud of his courage to try out in his senior year.  It turned out to
> be for him  "the most memorable experience I have had at Punahou .
> in the 9th grade)
> We are definitely bonded in a special moment of Punahou football history.
> shall remember as I am sure the other players' parents, coaches, and boys
> will too,  those final seconds of the season -of what could have been. But
> that's part of the greatness of the game.  Plus, I think being crowned ILH
> after all these years was more important.  "State" was just icing on the
> cake.
> I think Sam showed good judgment to let you read the book first -before
> announcing it to parents and the boys.  Yes, there's mention of this
> team, because I wrote the novel on those bleachers at the practice field
> football sorta just seeped into the story.  The story is written for
> with some adult content, violent scenes (art imitates life)-- but in no
> involves the high school football scenario described.  Although fiction, I
> took the liberty to write "Punahou" name and also "Bronson" (although the
> book states "all persons and institutions are fictional and if they exist
> real life it's only by concidence"  (yeah, sure).
> I would be honored to give you a signed copy as the setting of writing
> novel in a high school football practice field setting (July-Dec.) helped
> give the story an edgy feeling.  So part of the flavor of the book was
> inspired by the Mighty Mice, the Davids, just as the characters in my book

> defy the odds and take on their dream on their own terms, sacrificing self
> for the sense of mission, fight for the glory.
> For a walk-on, Bronson got his licks in (Farrington interception and hit
> offensive lineman downfield, interception in Kailua game, bringing down
> lst string running back in scrimmage, big collision with an Aiea receiver,
> etc.) and I was proud of him.  More guts than I ever had - which deepens
> respect for him.
> I'll have Bronson bring by the book in Jan.
> Aloha and enjoy the off-season,
> Season's Greetings,
> Rodney Chang, proud father of No. 40