"...Being creative is both a gift and at the heart of what we are as souls.  We live in a creative age where many people are doing some form of art.  Most probably feel underappreciated because so many are competing for attention.  In my case, I am doing something on a scale no one else has attempted, and I believe it is meaningful because I have a broad awareness of what exists, but few people are aware of me or my work, so I sometimes wonder why I am working so hard at it.  I guess I do it because I feel driven to do it.  There would be a huge void in my life if I weren't doing it.  Perhaps in the eternal school of soul it is just a class project.  Amazing things are done in the other worlds.  In this world it is unusual. 
http://www.dreamart.us/  In addition to adding new pieces every day I have edited my "Notes" on the left and right, and my picture leads to two other pictures, and I have added links to Newton's work at the bottom of my main page.
My project is really open-ended.  By that I mean that after I finish my first full set of galleries some time in 2007, I will start over and do a new version of every piece.  What you see now is really the equivalent of a first draft.  I am anxious to complete one full set of my 356 theme galleries so people can see the wholeness of what I am doing.  I could spend the rest of my life revising and improving the individual pieces with the aid of new computers and art programs.  In this my project will be like a book which undergoes many revisions.  What you see now is my first draft."

-David Camp, 2005