Dateline: December 13, 2010

Honolulu Marathon, December 12, 2010

Made it. Barely. Worse run of my marathons but did get number 37!
Not having run more than a 7 miler since Indiana didn't cut it. Learned that much
about my body. One month of idleness between marathons was worth only 13 miles of
residual leg muscle strength.  At 10 I reached Erlinda and Bronson, waiting on the street
at our house.  I was a defeated man, with cramps threatening when I could always count on
20+ miles before the leg muscles starting to twitch.  But Erlinda, bless her heart, scolded me
for being a quitter, didn't want to hear all the whining later, and said "get back out there and walk it,
carry my cell if you need a pick up along the route."  So I did.  I managed to jog 3 more miles to make
a half marathon run, then , for the first time in my life, walked a full 13 miles.  So I did 2 half marathons,
one running, one walking.  Worse time ever, a 7:40.  Volcano marathon was the only other that I went
over 7 (7:05).  Volcano had a time limit of 7:30.  Honolulu has none.  So, my 3 staff members made it,
walking all the way and coming across the finish line together at 11 hrs.  The last runner took 14 hrs; 600
didn't finish.  It was HOT, ambulances heard throughout the event. My right knee, still hurting since Montana,
then Indianapolis, ached badly last night, making it hard to climb the stairs to my bedroom.  But amazingly
it's getting better fast (aspirins) and the negative thoughts of attempting 3 more marathons (78 miles, plus 300+ training miles=
400+ more miles on that compromised knee joint) are dissipating fast and being replaced with the athlete's fortitude
of meeting one's goals.  So now, the Maui Marathon in January is still in the cards, but I'll make a decision 1 week
from now when training must commence in order to train properly this time.  Irregardless that I've surpassed my average of
4 marathons a year by having now run 7 in 10 months.  Maui would take me to 8 in 11 months.  Not bad for 65.
At least I came in before my 3 dental staff members, Rose, Fran, and Zillah, who came together at 11 hrs. Which meant I had to pay off my bets made in the office that they couldn't do it.