Comments on the Baseball accident incident



GOOD GRIEF ROD!!!  What a story!!   Did that happen today??!!!  Are you okay???  
Yes, that certainly was a MIRACLE!  Thank goodness,  you chose the USC cap from Bronson!  Your baby boy, who you saved years ago returned the favor big time today, didn't he?  Wow! 
Rod I am so glad you're alright.  That sure was scary.  Thank you dear God for watching over my brother Rodney today.


Dear Bro,
Wow!  what a close call, huh?  Shsssssssssssssssh!  Thank GOD that you were wearing Bronson's USC-Dad cap and not the Roswell one, huh?  Talk about being blessed by God who is always looking over you, Bronson AND Dad....i believe he was there protecting you from injury because you were reminiscing back to your good ole father-son days with him. . ;) +++ Yes, i feel that you have to realize how fortunate and blessed you have been all your life. 
Thanks for the brotherly run this are running very well.  The run was a good workout for me after a 'rare' one week break from running for me. 


Glad you survived your  déjà vu experience and simultaneously got a nice story for your next blog! thanks for sharing.


What a great story ... you've got game....and angels.


hey dad! i showed this Tawni in the computer lab today because we are
doing homework. she said that it was super cool and she couldn't
believe that happened yesterday.


Wow... I'm glad you're okay!  That was a close one!  How does your head
feel today?

I really enjoyed reading the story, you definitely illustrated the
excitement and meaning behind it all with such clarity.

Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference, like a
metal hat adjuster.  Who knows what could have happened if you chose the
other hat...  I'm just glad you didn't get hit.  It's pretty amazing to
think about the divine forces that may be at work behind it all... 
Although I don't believe in fate, it seems like all these things
happened according to a divine script.   You saved me, and in turn, I,
in a way, saved you.

Things like these just illustrate the fragility of life and the need to
appreciate everything, much that is taken for granted. 




What a great story! I'm not a big religious person, but I do believe in fate, things happening for a reason and that we control/guide how events unfold.  Wow - thanks for sharing! Brought a smile to my face


Remarkable coincidence! Good story.


That's an amazing story!  we're glad that you're okay!!


How're you?  Wow, thank God you're alright and didn't get hit so bad.. That is a real coincidence when that happened w/ Bronson about 19 yrs. ago!  I think your guardian angel worked hard!


Thank you - that is a great story, and very readable.  I suppose you, as a medical professional, know that the front of the head is designed to hit things, and the back of the head is a bad place to be hit.