Bronson Chang, free safety, The Academy,  Punahou, Honolulu, 2005




Letter to Parents








Hi Rodney, what a great idea for a story. I'm glad you and your son,
Bronson were able to be a part of our special year. It really was an
amazing year for all of us. Its sad to see it end but I'm so proud of
all they did.  It is something I will always remember, the boys and
this team.
 I had a nice note from your son, he didn't feel comfortable speaking 
in front of everyone, so he took the time to write me a thank you note
that was very touching. I really am lucky to be able to coach, it is
something I love and it is always a special gift to be out there with
the boys.  I didn't have the opportunity to coach my son so I try to
coach my players like they were my son and treat them the way I would
like him to have been treated.
Thanks for all your support this year, I know it was trying at times
but I hope Bronson enjoyed being a part of our team. The only regret I
told Bronson was that he didn't come out last year.  He really improved
in one year and with the experience he gained I believe he could have
been an impact player for us.  But I'm glad he took the risk of trying
and coming out, I know he enjoyed being there.  Good luck with your
book and let me know when it comes out, I enjoy reading and would love
to have an autographed copy of the book. when it comes I can get a book
and maybe have you sign it if you don't mind.
Thanks again for all your support and good luck with your book, it must
be exciting, (someday I'd like to write a book as well!) aloha Kale Ane