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Published January 2007


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The Images       A role model   About the artist

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Published January 2010



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Pygoya's art life & theories in Russian by university
 instructor Simon Erohin of Moscow University


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A Novel of Rebel Art & the Supernatural


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A stunning tale of art, breaking the rules, and a creative spirit that can't be contained, no matter what. In 1625, tribal rebel Leila defies the priests of her community by chiseling artwork in a secret cave. When she's found out, she's put to fiery death by lava, but her spirit lives on, encased in a volcanic stone that transforms everyone who touches it. Carried by a Spanish conquistador, taken to Salem around the time of the witch trials, the rock is finally brought to Maine. But when Leila encounters a modern-day toddler named Anthony, she decides to become his art teacher, following him into his adulthood and transforming him into Pygoya, a digital painter of mysterious black rocks. What is their incredible shared destiny, and can it free them both? Panoramic, mythical and absolutely magic, this is an unforgettable examination of how certain people at certain times are destined to move the world with their art.     



A reader's letter-

Hi Rod!   
I told Michelle that I wanted to write to you after I read both of your books but I decided to write about Pygoya while the memories are fresh in my mind.  I totally enjoyed your book and love your style of writing!  You caught my interest from the first page and read every night until I was finished.  One night, I read until after 1:30 am because I was on pins and needles knowing that Leila was going to be sacrificed and wanted to know what would happen.  You are so descriptive in your writing that I could practically feel her pain!  I shutter just thinking about it.  You had me gasping and in other parts of the book, grossing out when "Anthony" ate his doots and when Verna tore the legs off of the grasshopper and picturing the praying mantis eating it!  Yuck!  I was so sad at the end when Anthony jumped into the volcano.  I was practically yelling "Don't go near the edge!"  But I came to terms with it that he and Leila were connected and meant to be together.
After finishing the book, I went online and looked up Pygoya.  I wanted to see your digital art.  I know I am not an educated person with any degrees, let alone 10!  Absolutely amazing, but thought art can be appreciated by anyone.  My favorite was "Rainy Days" and loved the pictures of "Art of the Rock."  We visited Alcatraz so it brought memories back of the dismal environment of the prison.  The picture of one looking out from a prison window looking at San Francisco, made you feel what they were feeling.....trapped and wanting to be out there where there were lights, color, and the excitement of life.
I even looked up Ripley's Believe It or Not!  Congratulations for accomplishing soooo much!  You are such a fascinating person.  I started reading "Roswell" last night and look forward to be entertained even more.  Thank you for my signed copy!  I know I will enjoy it.
Most grateful,


Why I wrote "Pygoya" as an artist

Why Rodney Chang almost moved from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine 



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Science Fiction/Horror Novels
 by Rodney E. J. Chang








My first impression is that it is one heck of a good read. You've given lots of new twists to the  Roswell Incident and created a manuscript that might stand alone, or better, be transformed into a screenplay. Several of your scenes almost cry out to be filmed. For example, the crash of the saucer  and  Glenn Miller's murder are near-Spielbergian because the scene lends itself to special effects treatment and Glenn Miller's death is so sad.  Also, you've created an interesting character in Fonzie. (Have you considered how good this would be--with modifications--as a young adult book?) Your plot is so involving that I find myself thinking about it when I'm not working on it, which I've spent several hundred hours doing.

Editor of Roswell Encounter Gallery, November 28, 2006


A reading from Roswell Encounter Gallery

New final cover and read now the first 8 pages!

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In this novel of fiction there is a second UFO crash in Roswell in July 2007.  What is the connection 
between this crash and the one that occurred in July 1947?  Are the town folks ready this time to avoid a
military cover-up?  How do the aliens use art besides public UFO sightings to get their message to us? 
What is the reason for Roswell's first crop circle ever and will the government be successful in shutting
down the controversial gallery that throws new light on the intentions of ETs for our planet and species?


I did write it with an action pack movie in mind but one with a message for humanity.  It deserved to be heard/read/seen. The aliens dig Elvis and the Beatles, cruise with the music in their UFO, snatching the vibes by time travel to the 50s and 60s, then returning back to doing their intentional sightings duty in the 40s over New Mexico.  So goes such outrageous creative ideas flow throughout the novel, a flight of fantasy into my own Twilight Zone.  - Rodney Chang, April 4, 2007


Dear Rodney:

How was the 60th anniversary celebration on 7/7/07 in Roswell?  I
saw an article in the paper and it said that 50,000 people were in town over
the 4th of July to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the alien sighting on
7/4/47.  I'm only about half way through your book and it is truly exciting
and very funny.  You have a great imagination.  I can't see why this book
shouldn't be made into a movie at some point in time.  I hope you were able
to sell a lot of books in Roswell.

Harold D Sasaki, CPA, July 9, 2007





By meridianwoman on June 27, 2014


Format: Paperback
Rodey is a friend of mine, and after reading "Roswell Encounter Gallery", I now have a better understanding of the craziness of us; of each and everyone of us, has the potential to dream the craziest dreams. But not all of us are able to express our dreams in writing.
But this book does.
It's full of fun, imagination, and humor (of the out-space-kind.)
A resident of Hawaii, Rodney Chang, put together a pretty wild, far-out journey for us to enjoy.






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Roswell Encounter Gallery: A Novel Of Alien-ated Art In Roswell









  Sequel for "Roswell Encounter Gallery"

Starry Lights Over Roswell




Alice dumps Allen for Manny, but the aliens think Bessie's a  better 
match for him.  Who will win our hero's heart? And what's Roswell 
like on  the  100th anniversary of  the Roswell Incident of 1947?  
On the 500th anniversary in 2447?

Sometimes Sci Fi and reality become one.  In the novel one setting is in
Crash Sites, Roswell - where all the homes are shaped as such!
(article in Honolulu Advertiser, March 15, 2008; novel published Jan. 08)


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The Red Sable Brush Society

- A tale of mysterious art from the hypnotic trance state that is
perilous to its creators; fantasy including phenomena of hypnosis,
magic of the creative process, reincarnation, sorcery, and love & revenge

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A narrated passage from Red Sable Brush Society








A novel of fiction concerning art, love, rejection, and revenge within the setting of a rain forest that exists on the slope of a live Hawaiian volcano.  Back cover: Welcome to the Party at the End of the World. The end of the world as we know it. A ghostly shroud covers Hawaii. This vog has repainted paradise in a dirty haze makeover. A great painter who sees beauty in the vog, an unscrupulous art gallery owner, a woman scorned and the demented hooligan who loves her bump into each other. At a party in a lava cave on the slope of an active volcano. And besides "vogscapes," there's art of a former stripper with a body men dream about. It's a party to die for. Or at.  Adult content


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5.0 out of 5 stars A different Hawaii, December 31, 2012  - a review from
This review is from: Voggy Visions (Paperback)
Reading this novel of art, success, volcanoes, frogs, vog, zombie and sex was truly joyful. Although I never have been to Hawaii it feels like just being back from this mysterious Island ruled by Pele. Hawaiian-born artist and moreover generalist Rodney Pygoya Chang introduces to you a different Hawaii. You will forget the world around you. With his detailed and multi-facetted writing style he will catch your mind. Find out who or what is Brutus, get turned on with hot love scenes, dig deep into the world of art, learn about all the different sounds playing in your head whilst reading, even get familiar with local food. Let the author take you to ancient Hawaiian beliefs. Won't tell it all here... you have to have this awesome story in your very own hands. But please do not read it if you are alone at home especially at nite. - IK, Germany












Short Stories dealing with the supernatural or the spiritual. Most tales have their setting in Honolulu or Volcano Village of the Big Island of Hawaii. The author draws from his childhood experiences, growing up in remote Aina Haina valley on Oahu island during the 1950s. The 28 stories spark reflective thought about the little things in life that may have hidden meanings.  Many of the stories deal with the art life, its challenges, failures and rewards.  For example, the tale about a master craftsman who was caught in the 2011 Japan earthquake, and another story about how a dream about angels influenced an artist's style of painting which, in turn, influenced those who looked upon them.


One story's translation into Japanese; "Tight Accomodations,"  a story of fiction with the setting 
in Fukushima, Japan, during the 2011 earthquake and tidal wave


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Short Stories dealing with the supernatural or the spiritual. Most tales have their setting in Honolulu or Volcano Village of the Big Island of Hawaii. The author draws from his childhood experiences, growing up in remote Aina Haina valley on Oahu island during the 1950s. The 28 stories spark reflective thought about the little things in life that may have hidden meanings.   There's a story about how a teacher, without realizing it, set the life course of her first grade pupil to become a lifelong artist.  Read the story about how the eyes of a painting followed visitors around the room.   Experience how an Hawaiian native jumped into a fiery volcano, centuries later becoming a figure sculpture in stone that is displayed in a museum.

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Short Stories dealing with the supernatural or the spiritual. Most tales have their setting in Honolulu or Volcano Village of the Big Island of Hawaii.  As the third and last volume of short stories, additional bonus stories, to make a total of 30 in the book, deal 
with what art has become today, the hustle in a dance club, as well as weird tales that deal with possessed talking urinals, abduction
unto a UFO that trades stocks, a battle of the heavies between man and fish, and an albino 3-legged pig.  Like the other volumes, reading for the whole family.  Also read about a ghost that haunts a townhouse on a Honolulu marina, as well as about robotic legs
that refuse to stop running.





Selections from Night Flights translated into Chinese











Andrea's Gardens in Volcano



Rodney Chang, aka Pygoya, documents Andrea Cabico's ongoing landscaping of 3 acres 
of rain forest, high up on Kilauea, the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii



May 2012





Andrea's birthday gift book






Special Edition - at 18 months of development by Andrea Cabico








Mixing digital and Pop art with shaved ice in Hawaii; 1st documented art made out of shaved ice (aka snow cone)









Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha
1st Anniversary Souvenir Edition



















- a graphic novel introduction to the text novel










Runner's favorite Visual Memories over 26 miles,
transformed into art



September 2012





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Catalog of works, Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, 1989
-historic lst computer art exhibition in People's Republic of China







1980, Exposition Press, NY, NY




Part of doctoral Ph.D. program, unpublished, 1980


Freelance Writer
Freelance Writer


















































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