From: "ITBond"
To: "Ingrid und Thomas Kamerbeek" 
Subject: Dear Ingrid, nice to hear from you


Dear Ingrid

Yes I remember you very well, Bitvisions main contributor of wireless artwork, some very beautiful work. Thank you very much for getting in contact with me again, I'm so glad things have gone well for you over past few years.

First let me say I would be more than pleased to introduce Dr. Rodney Chang into the world of wireless art through BitVisions, even though it has been some time since art has been included in the world of BitVisions. It looks like Dr. Chang (Pygoya) has a mutual love for the world of real art in a virtual world, isn't it the greatest place to be, all those people just a click away from our visual thoughts.

It may take a few weeks (it may be after Christmas) for the artwork to appear, I will introduce this work ASAP but at the moment spare time seems to slip away from me. To be honest I need to brush up a little on my WML programming before I introduce Dr Chang' s excellent work, I want to do it justice in the same way that I hope I did yours.

As you can see the BitVisions home page was updated in September, just a little bit of maintenance really, I had a few minutes spare. Part of the problem with creating something like BitVisions was always going to be the unique nature of this type of artistic representation. Because of this I have needed to fight just to keep it alive as a huge amount of time, effort and money (ow yes the money thing, don't remind me) has been diverted into ITBond's expanding development program into the world of delivering business data. Not as interesting as your beautiful artwork but unfortunately as they say 'business is business'. But saying this I have still had BitVisions on my mind as the world of wireless broad band technology (3G, full color) has pushed the potential of wireless to a whole new level. Believe it or not I did create a design draft in September on a future BitVisions adaptation that would allow artists to display, sell and create weekly presentations with fellow artists that could be accessed from full color 3G devices. Also in this new adaptation people could create personal 'Gallery Profiles' that would allow them to view a presentation of art personalized for their mood, a unique way to lift the feelings of well-being. This whole design draft is based around getting everybody to look at art as a completely accessible form of entertainment and expression. Personally I'm fed up with elitist feeling that art seems to get by certain areas of the media. I don't know about you but when I paint (used to paint), its the smiles I remember with fondness.

That's enough of me putting the world to rights. If you don't mind I would like to post these design drafts in the future to your site, see if we can't get some global interest from the art community (investors like global interest, their pockets get deeper).

Your exhibitions are very interesting, you can't beat the real world for reactions, theirs something about seeing people pondering over your work that's very satisfying. A live exhibition in the future is a great idea, I think we could really pull off a media storm if I can get ITBond to push. At the moment every effort is going into the launch of atBond, the worlds most advanced Yellow Page service. If this takes off I'm sure ITBond could fund our dreams, fingers crossed.

Hope I've covered everything here, and again its very nice to hear from you. Sorry about any delay in the introduction of Dr. Chang into the gallery, his work is very important and I like to make sure its done right.

Thank you again, I think you will agree 'the futures bright'.

>From Anthony

P.S. Even though BitVisions hasn't had any work introduced in over two years, its still viewed by over 25,000 people every month. And that's all down to good people like you.


December 9, 2003

Dear Ingrid

Thank you very much for your kind words, I'm glad you and Dr. Chang enjoy my
thoughts on the world of digital art. It would please me very much to become
part of your "1st Hour Webists", I think this is a very inspiring venture.

I'll send you a picture to include on this page in the next couple of days.

Dr. Chang's artwork should be inside the gallery by the time this email
reaches you, and very good it looks.
The BitVision's web home page will be
updated soon including a link page for artists, I will included all your
important links when this is done.

I'll keep you informed on everything as and when it happens to the
BitVisions project. A small team should be creating a micro site for
'BitVisions 3G' after Christmas if I can get them together on time. This
will simply explain the future development of 'BitVisions 3G' in the context
of a full color, fully functional, wireless art gallery. It will also invite
artists to offer emailed support for the project, stating their need for
such a visual channel. Hopefully if I can generate support on a large scale,
we should be able to force investment through in a short time frame

Thanks again for your email, I will always support art at all levels with
whatever resources I have at my disposal.

All The Best, I'll contact you soon.

>From Anthony

P.S. thank you for offering to post my design drafts to your site, this will
help greatly with feed back. The first should be ready after Christmas.