August 28, 1999 2:16 a.m.




Suddenly I was conscious, my eyes piercing at floating red "2:16 A.M." up in the shadows. Not quite "in the dark", as the full moon beamed through the open patio entry, flooding the room with a surreal glow. Looking out into the distance it was magical - a shimmering ocean tangential to a sky filled to the brim with satiny clouds, framing that shiny flashlight in the heavens.

Maybe it was that moon glow, or maybe that mid-morn chill, creeping over the contours of my body, from toe to nipples, stopped short by my t-shirt, crumpled   across my chest up to my arm pits, positioned as such from the usual tossing and turning. Or was it the thought that sprang forth that prodded my awakening? It was almost to the day - it was August 1979 that I remodeled my dental clinic's reception area into a functioning discotheque, complete with monster sound speakers, lit dance floor, spinning ball and disc jockey-in-a-booth.

GAWD! That was 20 years ago!

That was soooo long ago, when my parents sat in amazement and disbelief, in front of the television, watching their doctor-son dance on national TV as the "Disco Doc".

Now they are both deceased. Now I am over 50. The reception room has long been remodelled to accomodate the conventional seating for waiting patients, killing time in dead silence by browsing outdated magazines from the rack.

Another chill, this one internal, momentarily passed over as these thoughts crossed my mind. Boy, some memorial of the good old days, a mix of nostalgic lingering of the past with a dose of apprehension about the future. Potent enough thoughts and feelings to keep me up to, at last sighting, "3:45 A.M.".

In the morning I told my wife, "Let's go disco!". The reply - "OK, but we need to schedule this, baby sitter and all. And it can't be next weekend because we have to...".

My deafened ears were already turned on as I followed my nose down the stairs, trailing the strong scent of morning brew.


August 28, 1999


- Dr. Rodney Chang, formerly known as the "Disco Doc", now also known  as "Pygoya", the Cyberartist on the Internet

Visit The Pygoya Webmuseum, established online in 1997,  4 years after Da Waiting Room was demolished.


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20th "Anniversary" image present to "Disco Doc"
from Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada, August 29, 1999