The Golden Panda 2001
Award of the Heart


This Award is only offered once a year around New Year to webmasters who really touched my heart. During the past year I often visit their sites to observe and enjoy their amazing creativity. The two winners of 2001 are chosen for their outstanding work to promote cyber art as well on the web as in real life. Their work as pioneers in this field is so inspiring and warming my heart, because they understand it isn't the materialistic eager for making money that makes the heart tick. It's the enthusiasm, love and respect for the work of the cyber artists of the web.


Last year I founded The Dutch Digital Art Association. It's an attempt to bring Dutch digi's together and make them somewhat more visible on the web than they still are now. But it's real hard to achieve something. That's another reason why I really love all the work you are doing... and that's where the award comes in. It's my way to give you the credit you deserve.  It's just a token of my appreciation.


Panda Gielen
January 10, 2002