AWARDS- Played at Webmuseum Theater


Andreas Loschner-Gornau

Interesting multi-talented German artist, mixed media including
Internet animation works; "Fish" inducted into Webmuseum Theater, October 2, 1997

Debbi Germann

Fractal kaleidoscope animator and digital artist


Marketta Leino
Marketta Leino (b.1957 in Mikkeli, Finnland) Marketta
Leino, pioneering Finnish computer artist, educated at
Tampere University. Art, computer graphic and
multimedia studies in Tampere, Helsinki and Jyvaskyla.
First solo exhibition in Jyvaskyla 1995. Continuously
involved with different art shows in Finland. Now
dedicated especially to web art. A member of the online
gallery Art on the Net since late 1995. A guest artist of
Jyvaskyla Arts Festival 1996. Collections: Kuvataiteen
Keskusarkisto (Helsinki), KELA (Jyvaskyla), Alvar Aalto
Museo (Jyvaskyla).


Francesco Franceschi

Autore : Francesco Franceschi, alias FRANK,
Animazione Gif : Head 3D.
Tutti i diritti riservati.

Author : Francesco Franceschi, alias FRANK,
Gif Animation : Head 3D.
All Rights Reserved.

FRANCESCO FRANCESCHI, alias FRANK, News And Curriculum

Yo, Friends! My name is
Francesco Franceschi, but all
my friends call me Frank. I was
born in Rome, Italy in 1951.
My Zodiacal Sign is Scorpio. I
had a classical education and
I've always loved Classical Arts
and especially the Picture and
the Sculpture. I'm a regular
customer of Shows And
Museums. I travelled for a lot of
time the Europe and Africa, and
always I tried to assimilate every
New Possible Form of Art I
met. I devoted Myself to Picture
on Cloth and to Free-Hand
Drawing for many years, until,
More Than 10 Years Ago I
bought my first Computer, a
Commodore 64.

I already was a tireless reader of Science Fiction, And I looked
every technological new, but that first small computer was really a
shock for me,
first of all for the implicit consequences about the huge, latent
potentiality of that
first machine, beginning from the possibility that a New Form of
Expression born: Not more Cloths and Colors, but a much more Refined
and Conceptual Art, formed of Mouse, Programs and Monitors, the
possibility to show your own work to everyone had a computer, the
to be a Pioneer of this rising frontier of a New Art, more popular
and Not
More appanage of Closed and Exclusive Circles, but placed at Young And
Old Men's disposal. Anxious Men to learn, to make progress and to
design on
their monitors, without delay, fear and reticence, everything could
express their
feelings. I and the computer: it was love at first sight !.From that
time I've
changed many Computers, but the Passion is Still the Same I had at the
and so also the Wish to express using the computer every spark I can
have into
my soul to communicate to other people with the 2D Picture or the 3D
Sculpture. For some years I devoted myself to the Study of Computer and
the Programs to make Art with them.

In 1992 I take part in Bit
Movie International Contest
with the 3D Animation called
Fatal Morphing, that I made
with two friends of mine,
winning the Third Award. In
1993 I found with a friend of
mine a Cultural Association
called Tecnopolis to make the
Pixel Art Expo' Roma, an
International Contest of
Computer Graphic and
Computer Music.Today this
contest is at Third Edition,
with good success. In 1993 and
in 1994 I take part at final
phasis of the International
Contest called Bit Movie wih
several 3D Animations that I
made with a friend of mine.

In 1994 I take part at final phasis of the InternationalImmagine
Contest with a
3D Animation that I made with a friend of mine and with the same work
overthrow the first selection of the International Contest Imagina '94.
In 1995 I
win the Third Award to the International Contest Bit Movie for the
Picture called The Two Souls Of Venice that I made alone. Still in
1995 I
win the First Award with the same 2D Picture called The Two Souls Of
Venice and I win the Third Award with My 3D Picture called Apple Peel
the International Contest Creativa Faenza 95. In 1996 I win the Third
with the 2D Picture called Thai Chi and I win the Third Award with My
Picture called Empyrean again to the International Contest Creativa
95. In 1997 the Canadian electronic fanzine called Nebula Netzine,
that is
on Internet, makes a monographic number on me and on my works. In 1997
I take part also to the very interesting Projects CEE Young
CDROM and DTP as teacher for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe
Illustrator. Always in 1997 I win the Third Award for the Main Theme
Section on Ancient Etruscan People with the Picture called The
Inheritance to the International Contest Immaginando 97 in Grosseto.
Very important Italian and International Magazines of Computer and
Computer Graphic publish some my images and also these my Internet
Pages are published on computer magazines and also on the magazine
called Il Gatto ( = The Cat ), published in Italy from Sprea &
Periodici s.r.l., with compliments to my very loved cat called
Still in 1997, on the month of October, I organize and take part with
success in
Rome at an exhibition of Computer Art, called Ars Futura, with 2
Italian Computer Artists.


Chris Bleicher

Very famous Munich artist is part of group in Lighthome of Munich; does Neon Picture Objects Performances; plus multi-media works including painting, sculpture and mixed media; highly colorful, whimiscal, energetic and funky; check out the artist's wonderful Web exhibit!

Altheimer Eck 12
80331 München
Tel. 089/264142
Fax. 089/264114

About the Artist

"...The internationally known German artist Chris Bleicher is the innovator of
her Neon Picture Objects, a truly unique form of artwork that took shape
in 1988 which combines painting, collage, 3-dimensional elements end neon
light. She collects many of her 3 dimensional objects on her travels that have
taken her to Asia, Japan, Africa and the Caribbean. Bleicher is fascinated by
the exotic nature of the tropics and by foreign cultures and she uses these
motifs to her advantage. In a way, her art is a medley of these cultures as she
uses elements from each and combines them in playful and provocative
Bleicher travels by car, boat, bus ship, train, mule and of course, by airplane.
Since childhood she has always been fascinated by aerodynamics. "I am
intigued by the combination of the cool metal of the wings between beautiful
cloud formations - hence my constant interest in the combination of nature
and technology," Bleicher points out in her artist statement.
In 1992 Bleicher produced a series called "Sky, Clouds and Metallic
Bodies" in which she utilized original airplane pieces. One of these pieces
hangs in the Department for Airplanes of the German Museum in Munich.
The airplane pieces were not found through air tragedy, but through trade.
Along with found objects Bleicher often uses recycable materials she finds in
the trash, such as plastic and waste paper to create sculptures. In this way
she can bring focus to these discarded elements as symbols of the
regeneration materials. In 1995 Bleicher organized an event under the
auspices of the Vice Mayor of Munich, Sabine Csampai. "I constructed a 10
foot high jaguar sculpture "The Giant Smile" with waste paper and plastic
trash as a recycling concept," says Bleicher in her artist statement. This was
an introduction to the main "happening" along with the Munich Waste
As well as creating sculptures Bleicher has been doing performance art in
conjunction with her Neon Picture Objects since 1990. In 1992 a
performance entitled "The Crocodile in the Cocktail Glass" was held in the
City Theatre in Amberg. A UNICEF benefit was held in Munich at the
University of the Army in Neubiberg called "Children in the War". Bleicher is
very much aware, not only in waste avoidance but in humanitarian causes as
Since the early nineteen nineties Bleicher has been interviewed on the
television and radio and has been in the newspapers and magazines at least
seventy times throughout Europe. Her public attention is a result of her
bizarre subject matter and physical themes in her art and performances. Her
flamboyant personality and her way of drawing an audience into her events
has made her a media favorite. She frequently body paints her models thus
really metamorphosizing them into her subject matter.
Bleicher is an extraordinary
artist who, in addition to the
Neon Picture Objects, her
paintings and performances
crafts very skilful silver
jewelry. The ideas for these
wearable art pieces center
around the mythological.
Now Chris Bleicher will be
showing at the New Arts
Salon. This is her second
exhibit in the United States.
She is exhibiting a recent
body of work entitled The
Devil rests in Paradise,
relying heavily on a festive
Caribbean theme consists of pieces centering around things beautiful and
exotic. Refreshing tropical drinks will be served and a diabolic performance
will be shown at 7 p.m. which should not be missed. New Arts Journal,
Philadelphia, USA, Nov. 1997


Dennis Carney, Sr

Cleveland photograher, animator and digital artist; I AM, have been, and will always be, AN ARTIST, photographer of many historic Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame images.Technical information on Hail Rock & Roll!-
The original for this animation was a digital photograph I took
with a Kodak DC-40 digital camera... The original was extensivly
reworked using various paint programs (and tools)... It underwent
even more reworking to create this little animation. The original
rendering is a 640 x 480, 24 bit, 16M color JPG...


Aleski Aaltonen

About If Only For One Short While-(Java applet)
"This scene is based on a place where I was born in. It doesn't exist any more, but in my heart it will always be..."


I was born on January 3rd, 1974 in a little town in Western part of Finland, called

About my paintings... I made my first painting at the age of 11 (I had been
drawing all kinds of things since I was about just a baby). Since then I have
kept on making paintings and sculptures. I had a period of some 7-8 years
during which I didn't make nearly any paintings, since I simply felt that there is
no sense in repeating things that have already been done millions of times - and
personally I was out of ideas. But all that has changed and at the moment I
know that I have many more ideas than I can ever make reality in my life time.
I never went to any art schools because I knew fully that I couldn't stand
making art under somebody's supervision and in a controlled manner. So I did
all kinds of other things. Some of my paintings and two sculptures are in
private collections. My web site dates back to May 1997. As a little kid I also did
some cartoons but nobody ever published them. I'm glad they didn't.

During 1987-1991 I was running a business here in Finland (EAA Corporation
- basically a family business). It did some real estate business, stocks and was
involved in two development projects - other one in furniture and another one
in high tech (which never ended succesfully!). In 1993 I started studying
theoretical physics at the University of Helsinki - main subject being Cosmology
and elementary particles. I graduated in 1996 and after that continued to work
in a research group for about six months studying some bubble formations and
collisions in the primeordial phase transitions during the very early universe. At
the moment I'm getting paid for making a web site for a Finnish organization,
SRO. (The first time ever I'm doing that). Also during the last six months or so,
I have not been doing anything in science. I feel that it's not for me any more.
Of course there are lots of dimensions and fascinating moments in scientific
work, but at some point, I feel, that a person grows too old and tired for that
kind of work (and I'm not old yet!! - 24!). And also, exploring the mysteries of
Universe seem to lead nowhere. I mean that I'm fully aware that lots of
progress is made in science and in physics but fundamental questions of the
nature of the Universe and its nature remain completely unanswered. Facing
that fact, scientific work, to me, has become unsatisfactory. In art I may
explore the nature of the Universe much deeper.

Interests. Politics has been at a high level in my interests since I was some 6.
I've also had a bad habit of engaging myself in endless debates with people. I
have concentrated extensively in North American and European politics. Since
1992 or something it has been more or less an everyday hobby, when I just have
time for it. Education, enviromental issues, social issues and global security
have been my greatest interests. Here in Finland I am a member of the "Green
League" which is a medium size party organization (it has 10 seats in our
parliament of 200 members) and I'm fully trying to engage myself in its work,
and maybe some day I will run for... something.

I have also written three songs but since I completely lack all knowledge in
musical theory I haven't showed them to anybody excep the closest friends and
relatives. Music out of all the forms of art is one of the most important things
for me to relax and get strentgh and go through emotions. I don't read notes,
understand nothing of the theoretical point of view, but in my brain music
creates its own pictures that play beautifully to me. Novels and writing myself is
important too and some movies, but I'm extremely demanding. I have my own
taste and maybe 1 of 1000 I approve. Outside that personal approval music is
noise to me and and other forms of art just meaningless.

I am not married and I have no children. We (me and my "girlfriend") have a
godchild in India, but that's no big deal. The time will show...

And as a final point, I have lost my mind because of Mr. Seiji Ueoka's brilliant
idea - R2001, and have worked unexplainably many hours on that project.

Elizabeth Best Konogeris

Webmuseum Cyberart Association, Elizabeth Best Konogeris, 1998 (CA,USA)
Talented and energetic up and coming digital artist who is dedicated to her new found love and art medium; imbibes her nonrepresentational imagery with abstract metaphors that reveals her spiritual karma and self to those who are fortunate to truly see.


Lynn McKamey

Texan diver and digital animator; maintains an animation site entitled ScubaMom


Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett has elevated gif animation into a high art form. He lives
in Kansas City, Missouri, with
his wife Maisoun. He writes: "I learned about ray-tracing using a
borrowed computer and the
freeware program POVRAY. One day I was rapidly flipping through a series
of half-baked
studies...Suddenly I realized 'Whoa, this thing is moving!' I became
very interested in adding the
element of a seamless, kinetic repitition to my work. I focused on
animating with gif89a because this
format is the most widely communicable to modern web browsers. I usually
prefer to use motion as
carefully as possible, to hint at broader vistas that quietly suggest
the solemn granduers and infinite
depths of Time."


The Rantings is a rambling harangue concerning my thoughts on animation
on the web, and the use
of graphics in web documents in general. There are old areas down that
way, and some animations
that are nowhere else on the site that I know of... and it is an unruly
site. I haven't been down there
in some time so I can only guide you past a certain point.
About .gif animation and web graphics in general...

This series of "rantings" is just that, me going on and on and on about
web graphics, .gif animation,
and the misuse of web graphics in general. This is also the way to the
old areas, or parts of the site
that were replaced but are still down there. Boy, the crazy stuff I used
to write all the time. I think
my first web page is down there somewhere even. But mostly there are
weird stuff down there.
Some people have made the journey I know because there is a hit counter
somewhere I forget
where. Well here is to bandwidth!
What's Wrong with this Picture?

The answer is, there is nothing wrong with this little Warbird. And it's
a very nicely done animation...
would look good on dozens of sites I can think of without even trying
hard. So, what's the problem
and why isn't there a nice big one in my gallery with some shooting
stars and explosions and little
lasers shooting etc? Namely, I did not create this object. Ray-tracing
creates literal objects you can
maniupulate in all sorts of creative ways, like changing the scene, or
the orientation of the object, or
what have you. And I have created some objects that I am very proud of ,
but I didn't create this
one. Yes, I animated it, yes I figured out steps to do that, and learned
the programs, and took the
time to make this the way it appears here, but this image is at least
half the work of someone else.
And the wavering effect was likewise figured out by someone else, so I
didn't create that either.
More Troubled Rantings

Point? Oh... th' the point Yes I was... OK. Well the point is this, I
cannot call this star MY art, even
though A) It's completely original B) It looks really nice C) It is well
constructed. Just like with the
Warbird, A) I didn't write the code for the star -although I did some
hefty modifications on it- B) I
didn't create the wavery effect and C) I had nothing to do with creating
the software that allows it to
be rendered. And there is that old moot argument about artists making
their own paint, etc, I am
quite aware of but THIS sort of image isn't ever going to wind up in my
gallery, or the Warbird
either, happy as I am with both of them. There are some far cruder
images there that I have done,
that I am ten times more proud of , because I conceived the idea, I
wrote the code after having
mastered the portion of the program that was necessary to achieve what I
wanted, and I carried the
idea through to its fruition. At some fuzzy point my little animated
fish ceases to be a wing ding, and
becomes art in his own right. Silly he may seem he is entirely a
creature of my own hands, and my
mark is on all his innards. Except for his texture. I just took a scan
of some gal with fishnet stockings
and mapped her thigh right onto each of his segments... clever ...AND
So... WHAT can you call your own? Huh?

The Dragon!

I can really call this my own, even though...

You can see my calculations were just a little off on this first
attempt. There are some expensive
ray-tracing programs out there with a lot of expensive models you can do
all sorts of wonderful
things with. Unfortunately I don't have one of them. My dragon is
hand-made, and I mean that quite
literally. He is really a simple creature, but that doesn't show in
small .gif renders of him, and he has a
smooth motion about him, but that didn't come easy, as you can see in
this early test.

How Not to Make a Dragon

I forgot to carry the x! Brother, if I knew anything about math I would
be dangerous... I just kept
jimmying with the figures in the code that controls the movement of the
parts until I got him flapping
correctly. Then I SAVED that and made backups! Then the fun stuff of
putting the little booger in
scenes, and giving him all sorts of textures. Now that part IS easy!
I have nothing against animators who use expensive programs. I wish I
were one of them. Well, a lot
of us have had to learn to draw with a pencil before we could paint, or
airbrush, and I try to look on
this phase of my growth as an animator like that. I can't hide my
chagrin and frustration when
someone beats me in an animation contest with some module T-1 fighter
they bought with an
expensive modeler, but that is just tough titties, kitties. And let me
tell you if I ever do get my hands
on one of those $2000 dollar rendering packages...NEEK! (Great, now my
wife tells me 'neek' is a
very bad word in Arabic, and it is all over this site!)
The Rantingus Ominoso

Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest.

"I have no way of knowing how much you know about .gif89a animation. I
am going to write a little
about what I know, which is only some basics, and some of my opinions
about how to use them in
web page design. I have a what I have found to be a sort of heretical
view on GIF animation on the
web, doubly so for the following two reasons. First, I find movement in
simple page graphics
generally distracting on most web documents, and unnecessarily tiresome
to download. They are
made up of a series of frames and to download the animation, you are
downloading an entire series
of little pictures. Your browser then assembles those in system memory
(hopefully you have enough)
and displays it for you as some little moving wingding, normally. And
that takes time, or what is
referred to on the web as bandwidth.


Star Hawk (aka Terry Gould)

I have always been a fan of Sci-Fi and also of the natural wonders that
surround us. I am an environmentalist and want my Art and writings to be
a statement of the destruction that is going on around us, as well as
opening people's eyes to the beauty that exists elsewhere in the
Universe. I am a self-taught Artist living near Toronto, Ontario Canada.
I took early retirement a couple of years and decided to use the time to
create Digital Art and Poetry. I am also writing a futuristic Novel. I
use all the usual programs such as Bryce2, 3D F/X and Photoshop plus
others too numerous to mention. All of my work is created in the
'Moment'... that is to say, I have no preconceived idea of what I am
going to create when I start out... it flows from the Mind, Heart and
Soul and as the 'Moment' changes so does the Image. With much
experimentation and pushing programs to the edge, I end up with an Image
which I feel reflects my inner self. The more that I create, the more I
want to create. I want my work to make
"people think".

Art Holden & Jim Mahoney- professional Internet animators at Eclipse Digital Imaging's Animation Factory; all personal works' copyrights retained by the artists.

Art is one of the primary animators and co-owner of Eclipse Digital
Imaging. He got his start 9 years ago using the Video toaster with
Lightwave 3D. Animations have only been a hobby up until 2 years
ago when he started doing freelance graphic work. His work has
appeared in numerous TV and industrial video programs. Many of
the animations in The Animation Factory have been created by Art.

Jim is one of the co-founders of Eclipse Digital Imaging and The
Animation Factory. He has always had a passion for computer
graphics since he got his first Amiga computer in 1985. A veteran of
the Internet, Jim has created graphics for numerous web sites and
many of the animations on this site were created by him. Much of
Jim's work has also been featured in television and multi-media


Once I begin to create an image, it seems to take on a life of it's own
with human emotion at it’s heart. I love the creation process and I
hope to spark an interest in kids of all ages.

PageWorks is animation synchronized with music. A fun source of
art often put to good use by folks who want to share friendship, or
present laughter and tenderness to those who need it and, best of all
by kids themselves, writing their own homepages and discovering the
joy of creativity along the way.

Kitty Roach has created animations for businesses such as: Gestures,
New Riders, Lotus of Japan, Network Marketing International,
Sentfactor. Her specialty in this area is prompt service and original
images which load in a reasonable time frame on the average


Home Page: PageWorks


Rex Sutton

Rexinator Graphics


I'm 35 years old, Married, one son, and a Rat Terrier (dog) named
Jack. I've been lucky. My father was an artist, so I didn't have to pay
anyone or go to a school to learn what I do. About 5 years ago the
company I work for, Graphic Art Productions, bought a computer to
do graphics with, and I thought it was over for paintbrush/pencil/pen
guys like me. I couldn't even type, and knew nothing about computers.
My little brother had been involved with computers since the
Commodore 64/Tandy dodads were around, and gave me a 386 just
to get it out of his way. Actually, I think I was supposed to pay him for
it. Anyway, several dead CPU's and hardrives later computers have
learned to obey me, for the most part. Sometimes I like them best
when they don't. Most of my work has been done with the
printing/publishing world in mind, but I've written an animation tutorial
and have some animations featured on the SoftF/XPro demo and 4.1


Home Page:


Andy Wilkinson

Star Man, 1998 (United Kingdom),


Lynn Gross

UFO, 1998 ,




Clone, 1998, (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

" Zapf Gravity of Interface Design ",artist statement,96/97.

The infinity of iconic paintings with pictographic figures is a passage from Tutankhamun's tomb of
daily piles of sand executed through cultural assassination of mandala of Hyper Text Markup
Language. Passage of the labyrinth of linguistic apocalypse formula ~@>&%$#@ of atomic carrier
of digital origins where finally East meets West and electronic dream replace the reality as an
absolute truth. The integrity of atomic gravity from disembodied mind to the physique as a whole, as
a one internal medium represented in "Zapfs" series.

The synchronization of you within a space a resonance recalibrated constantly through
Earth-Universe experience.

A web of arrows and pulsating lines, channeling and harvesting the energy of network of the
technological medium of global communication with speed of 120 beats a minute; passage to the
past , presence and millennium.

Yola Gora-Wita

New York City, 1996/97

"Zapf Series", artist statement, 1997 (exhibit in New York City & Japan).

The basis of the language of these paintings and digital prints derives from hieroglyphic origins as it
fuses the visual and verbal into a powerful composite. At the same time, these images are "computer
hieroglyphs" subjected to the new visual requirements of a digital era; their simplicity serves to
accelerate communication. Their geometry establishes the parameters of a symbolic cosmic order.
The strict palette helps to accentuate spatial attention.

Each work generates it's own personal code. The arrows signify the vector of energy. They are
oriented towards the center of painting/drawing, which becomes the center of tension. Their
geometry brings sense of an additional dimension.

When human figures are introduced into the image, they may be considered as symbolic ciphers in a
sense that they embody an ethereal presence. They are in constant interaction with each other. Once
again, an internal code is applied, this time made of binary script -- 0 1 0 1 -- or yet other "encoded"
related meanings, to accentuate their otherworldly physique. The repetition of these symbols and
codes delineates the duality of human nature. The oversized arms and hands reinforce their

The oil paint is applied into a raw dropcloth to achieve "freedom" and paintings flexibility. The
computer drawings are made of sharp pixels image to reveal their crystal digital origins. Finally, the
peculiar dimension of these works springs from their hypothetical grounding in the year of 2040, e.g.
the beginning of Aquarian age ; the new age of invention, technology and humanitarian values.

Yola Gora-Wita

New York City, 1997

"Harmony & Vibration", artist statement, 1995(exhibit in Germany & NYC).

The mixed medium constructions which I call " Instrips" are basically musical origins. Except they are
not about music at all, the only one important thing which relates them to it, is the sense of rhythm
and essence of resonance evoked by vibrating strings in it's lasting, prolonged faze.

I think the first concept of using strings came to me about few years ago and it was partially
influenced by string instruments and partially evolved by itself from my huge iconic paintings on raw
canvas from early 1992. Where pictographic figures-hielogriphic origin; variously channeled and
harvested energy; represented by pulsating lines and arrows that emanate from or toward a single
source. Which later was replace by web of wires and strings.

At first I thought that my main consideration was preoccupied by expressive symbolism, but strong
instinctive line, forced my concentration towards unknown quantity, full of limitless potential and

I think my major fascination the one of visual experiences, starts with visual exhilaration, which
strongly suggests and radiates the source of it's vital energy.

The energy which could be metaphorically represented as an artificial product of atomic plant, the
energy of one single plasma cell or ultimate energy as a vector of human desire to exist and survive.
However, whichever it will be , it will be still vibrant in its purest state.

My newest works as Mr. John Smith-Amato said : " show my commitment to the intellectual view of
painting and sculpture, which comes from technical point of view as well as spiritual vulnerability of
the physicality of the works." I have to admit that its very important point. As an artist of 21 century
I'm conscious that we have many different commitments and needs, which is reflected by us , by
surrounding society and new environmental existence. Our constant search of replacing traditional
use of form and materials leads us toward use of more technically reflected structure, which could
stand for literal, realistic or symbolic representation.

In my case that will be use of small cubic structures of aluminum which resolves the tension and
sense of depth between surface of paintings and the relief of the golden string -Instrip. In my opinion
these elements brings my works close enough to the narrative perception with symbolic presentation
reflecting my very personal world.

Yola Gora-Wita

New York City, 1995.

"Harmony & Vibration"-Instrip Series, by Shlomo Mantz (exhibit in Germany).

The history of twentieth -century sculpture is the history of the movement from literal depiction of the
figure to the achievement in physical form of the idealized object. Throughout the past decades,
sculptors have been striving to achieve tangible representation of the abstract ideals.

Gora-Wita's "Instrip" series is revelatory addition to this chain of creation. In the past, artists have
created forms depicting a variety of abstract concepts- grace, motion, desire, even existence itself.
Yet few have sought to achieve an artistic depiction of concept which is in itself; the concept of

What is it in an instrument that suggests the infinite potential of unheard musical works? By
transcending the specific forms of actual instruments, Gora-Wita's creations suggest the element
force of music in its purest form. Like Jasper John's depiction of household objects, these are
objects removed from any frame of reference, free to impact upon the mindunencumbered by any
layer of memory or associations.

Challenged, we are forced to rely on our own sense of harmony and pattern in order to discern the
character which each of these "instrips" ought to have.

The visual experience of seeing an instrip-object-instrument is inextricably bound up with the aural
experience of the sound it makes.The "instrips" differs from almost all other objects/paintings in that
an instrument's physical appearance assumes for us precisely the qualities associated with its sound.
Thus the harp, despite its bulk, evokes for us only the most transcendental delicacy. The flaring
curve of the trumpet seems to embody its sharp, arresting sound, while the great curve of the kettle
drum embodies its deep ponderous strength.

In Gorawita's works, the mind is stripped of such cues. Deprived of familiar landmarks, it is forced
to devise its own rules to understand the aesthetics of music.

Further works in the "Instrip" series; "Harmony and Vibration" revel more unique, simplify forms,
they still share a common structure, with strings crossing an undulating pattern, differing only in the
thickness of their base. They appear like pecimens of the same category, akin to the violin and viola
without any frame of reference; the mind confronts it withoutany supporting images. Small strings
anchor each "wing" like delicate capillaries, it appears to us as an unknown quantity, full of limitless

Music the purest of arts- able to choose a precise emotion or mood. In these works, we sense that
intense energy- force, and its raw emotional power, in its physical aspect.

Shlomo Mantz

New York City, 1995

copyright@yola gora-wita'97 com/gwita/synch.html

Helmut Baur

Helmut Baur
... kinetisch-visionäre Maschinen

40670 Meerbusch-Strümp
Liegnitzer Str. 35
Tel. 02159/80100, Fax 7478

Animation "Pelton und Archimedes", 1998
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Susanna Kiehling

See her beautiful paintings turn into online animations! Fine painter from Munich, Germany

... Malerei im Spiel von
Licht und Schatten

81247 München
Heerstr. 9
Tel. 089-8116379


Helga Hornung and Nopradol Khamlae, Germany & Thailand, 1998

Soluna, collaborative piece

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Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada, Hawaiian Dream, 1998; New Life, 1999

Hawaiian Dream, dedicated to Hawaiian hero, Alfred K.B. Chang, July 1998

As a farmers wife living in the Fort Assiniboine area I have been able to be creative in
many different ways.As the coordinator for the local historic site in the late 70s I was
actively involved in compiling the recreational master plan for the area including further
education in the arts.

I had painted before ,but further educational opportunities were brought to my
doorstepps.Art classes were started and I was able to explore all media. I am painting on
my own for a number of years now.

In 1993 I bought the first computer to do the farm book keeping and taught myself to
operate it.

My creative instinct drove me to explore painting with the computer.I did mostly abstract
compositions and design work,cutting pasting color manipulation and drawing to start with.
I just used it as an extra tool in my art work.

I painted with the simple basic Windows 3 paint program and included Paint Shop Pro to
convert files from other programs. Have added since all the programs I could find to paint
with including Dabbler,Fractint and even Crayola ,a children`s program for young and old(I
wish all the programs would not have any space taking clip art or photo paint)

Seattle Film Works Seattle USA and Richmond BC)was the first company I found who
offered free Photo Computer programs and they scanned a large number of photos from
my portfolio onto disk for use with a DOS Program. As a result, I was able to show my
work in a slide show and they are all now stored on my hard drive. Fortunately they
survived my first IBM computer with it's 100 MB hard drive.

It was clear to me that a "personal" computer would give me the opportunity to be myself
as an artist. There was no need to follow others. "A revolution in itself." This includes my
creative independence in designing my own page.

My paintings were noticed at The Artists Den, in New Mexico, by the well known
Canadian artist Robert Downing who informed me by E-mail that he thought I was "The
Senior Canadian Computer Artist on the Net," In my opinion he is the leading force in
digital art exploration in Canada.

The Internet has opened a whole new world to me and it has helped me to discover that
painting with the computer has been explored by others. I can only imagine what artists
like Picasso and Matisse would have done with this incredible tool.

Last month( Sept 97) I added a Digital Camera "Mavica" from Sony to my tools.This has
given me a great opportunity to get the photos faster into the computer.I also was able to
take photos from 3½"x5"printings of my paintings.

The most difficult thing in working with a computer is , that a lot of time is needed to keep
up to date with the operation .

Curriculum Vitae

Ansgard Thomson
Box 8
Fort Assiniboine Canada,ALberta,TOG 1A0
TEL:(403) 584-2345

Ansgard(ne Kilger)was born in 1923 in Silesia,Germany.The part of Germany
is Polish today.She grew up surrounded by art.Her father painted in
watercolours and her uncle was a well known Silesian painter in oils.
Her brothers and sisters were also exploring art in one form or another.
She claims that her early influences gave her a lifelong interest in art.
Her secret desire to enter an art school was not practical at that time,
she entered nursing instead.
After losing everything at the end of the war,the attachment to art became
very strong(when everything lost its values the artists spoke an appealing
She socially entered the art circles in Germany and later in Paris,
where she worked for 10 years.She found the painter`s circles intimidating,
(Woman were never considered great artist`s)so she limited herself to
contemplation and greatly enjoyed the many art shows Paris had to offer.
She married in 1970 after working in Edmonton for 11 years and moved to the
Farm in Fort Assiniboine in 1972,while working as a coordinator for the Fort
Assiniboine Museum and Recreational Planning, she came in contact with
Margaret Nadeau,who was teaching art in the area.
She has taken classes from Margaret Nadeau from 1978 to 1988
She also started working on her own.
She explored pen and ink, acrylics, watercolors,oils, mixed media
and colored pencil and lately computer art.
Her first interest was historical illustration, due to her work for the
As a Member of the A.C.A.C.A.(Community Arts Club Association)and
the Fort Assiniboine Art Club,she participated in group shows since 1980
and had many works selected at juried ACACA Shows.
She had her first painting chosen in the Alberta Wide juried show in
Red Deer Alberta in 1984.
In 1987 she won the Lillian Nunn scholarship award.
Ansgard had her first solo show at the Barrhead Public Library the same year.
In 1993 she entered A.C.A.C.A. juried zone show in Redwater,
in the senior advanced category,after winning first prize
in a special juried show in High Prairie in the advanced category in 1992.
She has taken advanced courses in Westlock 1988-89
U.of A.Extension - Don Bagan
U.of A Extension Seniors Program - Paul Braid
U.of A Ext.Westlock - Gisela Felsberg
Workshops Barrhead & Fort- Assiniboine
- Gisela Felsberg
- Meredith Evans
- George Weber
- Ilda Lubane
- Susan Calvin
- Jerry Heine
- Jim Davies 1993
Canadiana Galleries - Feb.March 1991
Represented by Canadiana Galleries until its closure in 1992
Public Collection - Fort Assiniboine Museum
- Ponoka Hospital 1990
1993 ACACA Redwater - 2 works of 3 selected
1994 RED DEER " IN TO THE GARDEN"- 2 works of 5 selected
Ansgard is working on her own for a number of years and had several
commissions and privat sales.


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