AWARDS-Inducted - Rave Webmuseum

Pygoya, Still Life, 1997

Benjamin Britton, MA, MFA - Lascaux, 1997

Ute Kersting, Imagery, 1997

Michael Curtis, Baloo's Twin Plateaus, 1997

Sinclair, Next Tech, 1997

Roz Dimon, Washington Pig, 1997

Glenn Southern, Evolute or Leave, 1997

Debbi Germann, Dance, 1997

Dorothy Simpson Krause, Against the Wall, 1998

Roman Versotko, Pathway Series, 1988, 1998

Cecil Herring, Death, Birth, Life, 1998

Robert Downing, Frizbee, 1998

Bryan Smith, Whalesine, 1998

Birgitta Jonsdottir, Faces Within, 1998

Daisuke Matunobu, S-314 of Prismatic Ovals Series; 1998

Nam June Paik, Fuku Luck (original video art installation in exhibition in Japan); 1998

Marcel Achard, Epiphany, inducted 1998

Song ki Sung (Geko), Mechanism, inducted 1998

Jeff Alu & Sonserae Leese, Mahahony Hall, inducted 1998

Earl Hinrichs, silk worms, inducted 1998

Jarek Starenda, Lifeforms Series, 01, inducted 1998

John Rixon, Wish You Were Here, inducted 1998

Denise Ruzich, Remanents, inducted 1998

Elizabeth Best Konogeris (LadyHawk), Silver Lifeline, inducted 1998

Kolja Tatic, Solitude, inducted 1998

Bernard Keller, Transformation,  inducted 1999

Linda Martin,  Reborn (Cyber-) Artist, inducted 1999

Manfred Mohr, P-411/E, New York City painter involved in alogrithms and math as aesthetic expression; inducted 2000

Frank Gillette, HCE 11, New York City digital artist with fine art print editions; inducted 2000

Boris Woronzow - Venezuelan video, digital, multi-media artist, originally from Germany of Russian parents;; Self-Portrait, inducted 2000ict

Larry Lovett, Mokuleia Glow, inducted 2000; lst computer artist of Hawaii, 1984, introduced Pygoya to digital art in 1985

Robert J. Downing, Redemption, inducted 2000; prominent life long Canadian artist, digital art, mixed media, sculpture

Clifford Singer, Half Sphere in Shadow, inducted 2000; teaches mathematics and art at Rice University; holds the M.F.A.

Pygoya, Cyberspace in October, inducted 2000; 2nd work inducted into Rave collection; image exhibited in the lst India International Digital Art Exhibition in Calcutta, India in 1999 with the artist presenting the greetings at the opening reception.

John C. Macpherson, A Fractal For Vincent, inducted in 2000, solo exhibition awarded in Cyberist Hall of Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart in 2000.

Ansgard Thomson, Millennium Babies, inducted in 2000, selected for's Millennium Exhibition, 1999-2000

Grace Hopkins-Lisle, Silver Corner, inducted 2000, degree in Fine Arts from Tufts University

Elenyte Paulauskas-Poelker, Wrap It, inducted 2000; originally from New York City, now lives in Colorado; also does traditional art media, animation and poetry




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