AWARDS- Best Art - Webmuseum Site Award

Entropy8 - New York artist Auriea Harvey's connection to the rest of the world, bestowed August 28, 1997

Chris Kawalek Web site, award winning Web design, bestowed September 5, 1997

Bill Russell - great multimedia site with digital art among other goodies; serves up good times on the Web at Cafe Billibob; haven't yet asked him if he played basketball awhile back.

Glen Southern - a great digital artist who favorite subject matter is fantasy figures and scenes, also does great poetry

Kelly McLarnon - Kelly's Web; only "15" when her site was discovered, the Canadian student/artist shows great promise in the digital arts; she was garnered many awards for her exquisitely designed Web site and her talented 3D digital works.

Maryann Lee - versatile San Francisco artist does great 3D modelling as well as illustration, drawing and painting

Afonso Klein -living in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. Works with micro-computers and mainframes,
as a system programmer and support analyst. He is also a student of art at " Escola Guignard", UEMG. Nice 3D renderings and "mouse drawings" in black and white.

Debbi Germann-Fractal kaleidoscope animator and digital artist

Minne M Dzine -Owner of Ring Around Soho Web ring; leader at; goes by Digital Artist

Francesco Franceschi - "Frank"-great digital art and Web site design by this Italian computer artist; also contributor to animation in Webmuseum Theater

The Virtual Colony - by artist Gloria Jean, painter

Womb of Creation- Icelandic Lighthome - by Birgitta Jonsdottir

The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio

Kolja Tatic Gallery- digital surrealism with monumental architecture creates a very lonely world in Glass City exhibit at Kolja T.'s wonderful site.

Hunter O'Reilly-Artist and Geneticist- a geneticist artist! Read and see how genetic work affects the artist's inner vision and style; owner of LightHome Wisconsin

The Art of Diana Dru-very detail designed art site of romantic and dreamlike art

Lady Diamond Art Gallery-Old World classy art site by Diane Candle, USA

Nooch Grove of Anuccia-lovely design with feminine charm that succeeds if it "makes one face smile"

"M"-this is a must-visit for all who want an introduction to art; includes art history, children art resources, the artist's work, the mathematics of art, a R2001 gallery and links, and much more.

TC Art Gallery - St. Petersburg, Russia; great Russian painting, sculpture, architecture and creative photography; home of St. Petersburg LightHome of R2001 Web Ring

Jamila's Webpage - spirited Webmaster from Oakland, Ca with good Web page design including animation; Jamila Muhammad

Barney Boller, metal sculptor of mostly animals, at

NetArt- great Italian art resource site; great place to submit url to many art directories and search engines

O'Carney Family Site - by Tracey Carney;

LightHome Israel - by artist Igor Ulanovsky - well designed site by artist Tony Tseng of Taiwan, graduate of art school in UK

218ac Web Gallery - hosted by AGONET; online gallery to "develop links between cultures by using Internet power," from Picenza, Italty

Calcutta Webmuseum of Cyberart - India's first cyberart site and online museum, located in Calcutta; curator is Shubhojoy Mitra