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To Pygoya- Award for  Outstanding Cyberartist
and for being a great spirit. May 1999

Ansgard Thomson
Fort Assiniboine AB.CA.





Congratulations, you're a Ham's Place Full Moon Award winner! Absolutely
fantastic... an unbelievable experience... excellent presentation and
design. I really enjoyed the visit. Best wishes in your endeavors.

Paul Hamilton




oh great page! wow, wicked... man o man, gotta come back here...
Andrue Carr










April 12, 1998




April 1998




April 20, 1998




May 1, 1998



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July 1998




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July 1998




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Congratulations, you won the new media award, for your site:
out of 576 competitors for October's awards.

Massive Academic Center  01 Nov 998




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Soul Flare Museum




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May 1999




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October 1999

Here is you very own Gem Award,
the first of it's kind, I might add,
which makes it rather special.
Awarded for unique gems
whose efforts of maintaining their facets
so their light may shine brightly
for humanity,
do not go unrewarded.
Wear it tucked inside your heart... with pride.

Green = blue (faith) + yellow (knowledge)
green is connected with the earth, and all things that grow.
it is a kind, healing colour,
It is colour coming to rest..contentment
between active and passive colours..
It is the colour of the heart chakra,
From the heart centre of green,
one reaches the gateway to the higher chakras.

Linda Martinm, ARM Digital Enterprises, Australia



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The Artist's WebRing -Top 10 Award
July 2000
Please add this code to your homepage to signify that you are in THE
ARTIST'S WEBRING TOP 10 visited sites..
thank you Sarah Koch


The Golden Panda 2002
Award of the Heart