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Pygoya: Selected by this major cultural e-magazine as 
Web Cyberartist of 2002



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Munich e-cultural award 1998

Winner of November 1998 is Pygoya and her LASTPLACE.COM artsite on Hawaii, USA.
Pygoya herself is one of the multitalents on the web, being an artist herself, a great organizer
and a highly skilled html-wizzard as well. She made LASTPLACE to be a forum to
demonstrate the value of cyberart now and in near future. Artists mentioned in her
WebMuseum for free may be provided with more exposure and common interest than they
may have dreamed of.

Most artists' services on Internet have a commercial background. Nevertheless - and in spite of
the high expenses they have - some of them show social indication compared with what they
charge and what they render to the artists supported by them. Nearly all common awards given to
websites target on high technical quality, performance and promotional efforts of a website. This
is why the artist Chris Bleicher created the ART LOVER'S TROPHY, given to those artists'
web services who fulfil an efficient service by reasonable charges and give liberty to the
artist her/himself. The trophy will be given only 12 times, every month beginning from May 1998.
The decision for awarding a website will be made enjoying equal rights by Chris Bleicher, Igo
Kirchlechner (both council members of ShopArt) und the Webmaster/Director of the last artsite
having been awarded.


I was e-mailed by Shopart (Munich Art Group) who recommended your site to me
to check out and thought you may be interested in looking at my site as well.
Your site is awsome so I have included my award for you to post..


You've made it to be a real artist at work, for the real original work you've done. 'Chemical Solutions' just visited your fine pages...and it looks great! Nice HTML Design and Graphics made you a winner. Liked the animated gif's... Keep up the good work. -"The Dutchman"









I went and took alook at your page.
WOW is all I can say.
I love art so you hit one of my soft spots.







Congrats You Have just Won the Worth a Peek Award!
Display the Award with pride because your page was REALLY WORTH A PEEK!






Presented to the Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart, 1997
















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