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pleased to inform you have been chosen for the Best of the Planet PEOPLE'S CHOICE Awards,
July 1998. Below is the HTML to add to your sites. Please make sure that you use all of the HTML
between the "cut here" lines. ----------------------------CUT HERE------------------------------

Best of the Planet Awards 1998 ----------------------------CUT HERE------------------------------ Or
you can go download the image at: Let us
take the opportunity to tell you the changed format of the awards. We get numerous nominations for
different sites each day, much more than we can handle reasonably. Besides this, we at
also keep surfing to locate killer sites which could turn out to be potential winners. To streamline the
procedure and make the operations more efficient we have broken down the awards into two
categories. You, our visitors , we thought, should also have a say. So we announce the birth of the
People's Choice Awards. Most of the nominations made by visitors like you get the People's Choice
Awards. From this lineup, our team of people starts sifting and picks sites which qualify for the Best
of The Planet Awards for the year. The sifted list forms our first round lineup for the awards. So, if
your site makes it to the list of for the Best of the Planet Awards, you shall hear from us. The final
lineup is chosen after 2 more filtrations. And it is from this final lineup that sites are chosenfor the
Best of the Planet Awards for that particular year in their respective category. All sites nominated in
the final list also get a mention in the list of awardees page. We aim to come out with the awards by
about the end of this year.
Best of luck for the Best of the Planet Awards. About 2ask's Best of the
Planet Awards -------------------------------------- App.. 3,000,000 Hits a
Month The 2ask Best of the Planet Awards uses a five-star judging system for reviewing sites.
Speed and ease of use, design, quality of content, timeliness, and the level of interactivity and use of
technology are all equal considerations, representing one star each. The judging process is rigorous,
requiring up to five separate visits to each site, by a minimum of two different reviewers. Both
high-end and low end computer equipment is used to view each site for fair judging of speed and
visual elements. The resultant scores for each site are averaged, and notes are compared and
merged. This process ensures objective and well-researched reviews. 2ask is an independent
reviewing company. The Best Of The Planet Award Winner's List is available to the browsing public
free of charge. Nominees and winning sites do not pay us for our award. Our sponsors do not have
any input whatsoever as to any aspect of the content of our site outside of the terms of their
advertisement. The site's hit activity soared from one visitor on January 4th 1995, to a steady
average of over 100,000+ hits a day, three months later. The BOTP site has had a global interest
from the start, as the visitors came from over 85 countries and the site now reaches hundreds of
thousands of people worldwide. The original log file is at # # # Strategic Alliances:
--------------------------------------------- Barnes & Nobel . . Digital River . 20+
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Internet gateway, rather than listing links, does something more clever and useful: it allows searches
of the best of online data with out surfing to the sites them selves. Need to see some American
Airlines info? Punch in the flight number, hit "Send" and you're done. The same for telephone
directories, congressional votes, Roget's thesaurus, and scores of other scattered resources. Slick
and extremely convenient..." - E X C I T E "...2ask is a system that automatically combines
distributed WWW server descriptions into a single searchable database. So basically it sort of does
for the WWW what Veronica does for gopher, or Archie does for anonymous FTP. But because
the original server descriptions are maintained by server administrators the info is likely to be correct
and up-to-date, and because it uses a special format the results look very concise... Check it out!" -
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News (Queensland) . Public Access (Australia) . Tharunka (Australia) . Apple Computer (USA) .
Western Digital . and more.... Best Of The Planet Awards reviews project continues to receive high
recognition, with websites submitting their sites to 2ask for review such as:
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