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"The Best of Everything"

Suites 3 & 4, 116 Cabramatta Rd., Cremorne, NSW, 2090, Australia

April 4, 1988


Dear Dr. Chang,

Further to our conversation on Tuesday, April 12, I am writing to outline our television show and to confirm the date for the filming of a story on you and your discotheque dental surgery.

"Just For The Record" is a fast-paced, magazine style show which concentrates on record holders, potential record-breaking events, world firsts, and people who excel in their chosen fields of endeavour.

It is an Australian produced, one hour per-week prime-time television program scheduled for national transmission from July 1988. Negotiations are also underway for international transmission.

Your story is of interest to us as it contains several strong angles. Firstly, you have completed 10 college degrees which, according to one of your press releases, is the most degrees ever earned by an individual. Secondly, you are the only dentist in the world with a discotheque "art installation and environment" in your dental office.

A "Just For The Record" crew will be visiting Hawaii in late May. As discussed, on Tuesday, May 31, the "Just For The Record" crew wil film you at your discotheque. If it is at all possible the crew would like to arrive in the early afternoon (around 1 p.m.) to set up their equipment, and if you ahve a spare moment, to chat to you about their story ideas. The shoot will extend well into the evening.

The "Just For The Record" crew are : Garry Who (presenter), Phillip Tanner (director), Craig Sinclair (production assistant), Steve Best (sound recordist) and Jame Thompson (cameraman).

If you have any further queries regarding the above, please feel free to call me.

Yours faithfully,

Shayne Collier