>From: "paud" <paud@paudbrachautos.com>
>Reply-To: "paud"<paud@paudbrachautos.com>
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>Subject: Art Inquiry
>Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 10:25:55 +0530
>Let me know the artworks you have available for sale.
>Best Regards,


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Please be warned that there is a new email scam where people contact you from your website, wanting to purchase works of art.  The buyers will only pay by certified cashiers check or money order.  My emails are posted below to the individual.  I was suspect about the contact, since I could not find a website affiliated with the domain name (PAUDBRACHAUTOS.COM).  In doing a WHOIS inquiry, I found that the domain name is registered to INDIATIMES.COM.  This domain name has been very involved in the 419 / Microsoft & Nigeria scams (www.joewein.de/sw/419msft.htm). I also found information about the new artwork purchasing scam on this site:  http://www.internet-fraud.com/fraudforum/DCForumID26/8.html#


Original Message:

From: "Paud Brach" <manager@paudbrachautos.com>
To: <manager@paudbrachautos.com>
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 5:16 AM
Subject: Art Inquiry

Let me know if  your artworks are still available for sale.

My response:

Most pieces on my website are still available for purchase.  The ones that
are sold have been marked sold.  I'm doing an arts & crafts festival this
weekend, so their purchase status may change over the next few days.  Is
there are particular piece that you're interested in?


His response:

Green River Turned Gold   24" x 30"
Pale Green River 2   6" x 9"
Nothing Stirs   24" x 36"

Please let me know if the above paintings are still available for sale. Calculate the total cost and let me know asap, you need not worry regarding shipping as i'll make neccessary arrangements for the pick-up of the paintings as soon as you receive payment which will either be by Certified cashier's Check or Money Order .

Best Regards,

My response:

I am always skeptical of Internet purchases, since there are so many unscrupulous individuals out there who want to pay by certified check.
I did some research on your domain name (since there is no website affiliated with it) and found that your domain name was registered with IndiaTimes.com.  Since the registrar of your domain in in New Delhi, I found it curious as to how you would be picking up my artwork. 
While doing this research, I also found that indiatimes.com's domain has been very involved in the 419 scam from Nigeria, as well as a new "purchasing your artwork scam." 
You can consider this transaction closed & your domain name posted on fraud alert sites.  I don't need any of my time wasted further.