Tina Cassani & Bruno Beusch (TNC Network)


The meteoric rise of the Internet to the top level domain of life has afforded its acolytes, the Takeover Generation, a unique take on the intersection of production and business. Visionary commuters, guerrilla designers, and renegade programmers, they step nimbly through their different roles, equally privileged and exploited, on a roll between art and the corporate world, constantly searching for that creative kick. The energy released at these dynamic interfaces of subculture, entertainment, design, open source, e- and m-business result result in oftentimes unintended, but always startlingly fresh, directions.

In a stimulating environment, an original blend of dayclubbing, media conference and networked showroom, the Electrolobby simulates the subdigital climate in which these milestones, next-level experiments, and smart hacks that push the envelope, are spawned and spun off. This year's Electrolobby pays special attention to games, not just because of their increasing cultural, social and economic relevance, but more because all aspects of a creative, innovative way of dealing with the Net converge in the production process of onoline games. And of course games are fun! And that's why next-generation creatives see them as the digital art form par excellence.