It is a great honor for me to be asked by Dr.Rodney Chang, also known as Pygoya, a
great leader in the new cyberart world, to celebrate the millennium in his Truly Web Art

     The theme of 2000 is challenging enough to find words to express this
important event. 2000 years of human culture is an absolutely enormous achievement
but express this in the NEW ART WORLD ORDER in online Cyberspace can only be
achieved by showing the energy of Cyberculture.

     With these works I will try to visualize the free flowing rhythm of time in space that
we are engaged in as online cyberartists. Using every angle and technical advantage
over the traditional methods will be my aim as artist. Visualizing the rhythm and flow
of our so exciting times as members of the passionate group of first generation cyberists.
Without such   technical advantage  it would take years to finish any of these works on
paper or canvas and many would not even be possible to create in  the traditional ways.

     I am convinced that this virtual art movement on the Internet will be very important
in the years to come.

Ansgard Thomson
Box 8
Fort Assiniboine AB.CA.


Sample piece for  Truly Virtual Web Art Museum's Exhibition 2000 by Ansgard Thomson-

milleniumstars.JPG (962740 bytes)

Millenium Stars, Thomson, 1999