From: "Ansgard Thomson" <>
To: "Rodney Chang" <>
Subject: Museums
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:38:20 -0700

Hi Rodney

My work with looking at your virtual Museums is finished.
Had written a long letter as an attachment,but my computer
locked up and I lost it all.
I systematically downloaded ,looked at and deleted them again
over a certain period of time.
>From 2-7 , 12-19,24 and 25.
Great work of art in itself as a presentation of the respective
choices of colors and patterns for walls and floors.
The only difficult thing I encountered was to identify the pictures
without the numbers only by left and right.
All in all I liked all and would probably recognize a Pygoya any time
Was most impressed with "Cyberterrestrial".
The only works I considered not so effective in the settings were
the so called tiles.Sure the most difficult in reproducing on canvas
with the paintbrush ,but monotonous in the virtual space.
When it is used as in "Assembly" to repeat the pattern it is very
effective manipulation.


Ansgard Thomson, Artist
Alberta, Canada