Aloha Friday.....First Friday.....

    I'm through giving my blood, sweat,
and tears......The harder i promote artists, the more
favors people ask me.....even demands.....

   I can no longer afford to run around and do favors
for starving artists; galleries, and non-profit
organizations.      I get tons of invitations to join
this and that; luncheons; etc. but one has to have
income to run around and play philanthropist..

See if you can get someone with a video camera to tape
your Che Pasta gig..... but don't hold your
breath.....    David Lee  (very intuitive as far as
money and success is concerned)  just  closed his
gallery here (one left in Maui)  and left the Islands.
  He's touring  S.F., L.A., Chicago, New York, H.K., other words, he's going where the money
is......and it ain't in Hawaii unless your a doctor
prescribing medication.

Lingle and Harris are owned by the medical community.
 If you haven't noticed, everytime they go off island,
something really bad happens here to
environmentalists; alternative health care; and women
owned businesses.   They have to turn their head and
leave.       What do they have to gain by supporting
the arts?   

You may have an does not come to Oahu.
  It goes to  Big Island and Maui.

Perhaps open a B&B on an outer island featuring your
works.     Ira Ono does very well with his collage
work at the Volcano House.

I would love to run a B & B.......Have been asked many
times in the past but I thought I was going to save
the world through alternative medicine.

  You would not believe the horror stories that is
happening to us folks (without degrees).
   I sent one of my "food addicted"  ( self esteem
issue) customers to a doctor who advertises
alternative health, etc.  My customer came back and
showed me two prescriptions....that was all he

So, Pygoya......will stop by Che Pasta to catch your
act.....          You really have to go where the
money is.   Oahu is a 3rd world McDonalds tourist


-retired  patron, hawaii

email 7-2-04


Governor Cuts Miniscule Arts Budget further by 61%! - July 1st  newspaper

Government Plan to cut State Arts Fund to 1/12th of 1994 amount hears worry about the children (not the adult working class)