Dr. Rodney Chang
Photo Credit- Ray O'Leary

Has since 1985 explored the interface of PC computer graphics and traditional
painterly visual qualities. Rodney Chang, a.k.a. Pygoya, now has accumulated a body of
paintings on canvas numbering around two hundred pieces averaging 6'x4'. The
works document both the artist's development as a digital artist and also the
evolution of personal computer graphic capabilities as captured with actual paint.
As of 1996 the artist focuses on personally transforming from a " computer artist"
to a "cyberartist", or creating art specifically for experiencing on the World Wide

Past Selected Exhibitions :

Shanghai Art Museum; Las Vegas Art Museum; Bronx Museum of Art, N.Y.; Honolulu Academy
of Arts; Holter Art Musuem, Montana; Portland Art Museum; Tartu State Art Museum, Estonia;
The Computer Art Museum, Oregon; Multi-Media Gallery, N.Y.C.; Kauai Art Museum; Nishi Noho Gallery, N.Y.C.


More About the Artist

Profile Sheet 1997