Dear Webists,
DRACULA at your doorstep!
But to be serious: Please fill this exhibition opportunity I got for the Webists with life and get in action.
Nice boss of Dracula-Society made an extra announcement to introduce the Webists in show:


Kunstausstellung während des Kongresses.

Während des Kongresses werden internationale Künstler Ihre Arbeiten in der Laubacher Schlossgallerie vorstellen. Mehr zu Dracula-Impressionen weltweiter Künstler "Webists" (Dracula impressions from worldwide artists "Webists" ) in Kürze an dieser Stelle

NEW! Art Exhibition during Congress

International artists will present their works during "Laubacher Sclossgalerie" congress. More about Dracula impressions from worldwide artists "Webists" to be found here soon.

It will be an interesting 3 day lasting congress there with lots of action and prominent actors and lecturers. Look up the program. It's in English too at least partially:
Py and myself are in it for sure...
who else... waiting for your answer and Dracula theme image entries...
will set up a project page too to show your entries.
Visit the Webism exhibition site (scroll a bit):
You have quite some time to create the images but I need your feedback
who will participate in the show till April 30th at the latest.
Hopefully it will not just be me personally present at the opening...
don't leave me alone with all those bats!
We have a new very creative member from Croatia!!!
Please say "hi" to Kristina Maskarina:
WELCOME, KRISTINA!!!! Glad to have you with us.
All your info will be online soon. Not yet complete because of server maintenance.
Will complete asap.
Look up Py's hat site again some hours from now.
Parys will be up with her new hat created by me-:)
Ingrid & Pygoya