Guidelines for Establishing a Satellite Gallery at Your Site


Thank you for considering to join the coalition of Web galleries as an affiliated gallery of Webmuseum Cybercolony. With networked team effort and spirit we can attract more traffic, gain added exposure of our art at all sites of the WCOSG network and join an organized artists-led movement to contribute visual arts culture to online Cyberculture.


Guidelines To Create an Accepted Collaborative Gallery with Webmuseum Cybercolony of

1. As you know WCOSG, a permanent online project of WCA and Webmuseum Cybercolony is founded with the objective of promoting the new virtual art form of "Cyberart" or "Webism". Descriptively this is defined as art that promotes the growth of indigenous (innate, organic) visual arts for the needs of the online global virtual community. So first of all your intent for the gallery should foster this same goal of WCA and Webmuseum Cybercolony. The work is primarily digital art but any art media is acceptable if the subject matter is Internet or World Wide Web related.

2. Keep the gallery small to about 1-3 HTML pages with 4-5 images (GIF or JPEG) for reasonable downloading time for visitors. The image size should be around 2.5 "x3.5" (or slightly smaller). We desire a UNIFORM DESIGN APPEARANCE OF ALL GALLERIES to create the perception that all sites are affiliated with the Webmuseum.

3. Download from the WCOSG Cabinet a set of banner, button and horizontal line (choose a set). Place the button on a high traffic site page (preferably the homepage) and link it to your WCOSG page. On the gallery page place the banner centered on the top of the page. Placement of the banner on the top of every page is optional.

4. Place optional stars background. Music is also optional but recommended for multimedia effect. You can download the stars background from the WCOSG Cabinet too. Just click on your right mouse button and select "Save Background".

5. If you use more than l page please place text or buttons stating "Next" or "Back" to assist "newbies" navigating among your WCOSG pages. It's OK to put other links to all your other pages. Many visitor WILL enter your site from the homepage of WCOSG/Webmuseum Cybercolony.

6.Place a link to on your banner; it is the "homepage" for Webmuseum Cybercolony. On this page Webmuseum Cybercolony will create a Welcome statement to visitors of the WCOSG network.

7. On the lst page of your gallery include a brief statement about WCOSG and what's special about your site gallery. Of course any language is OK.

8.Inform WCA coordinators that your gallery is ready for review. If accepted you will be emailed acceptance and be added to WCA's WCOSG member site page. We hate to censor art but we are approved by "Family Friendly" organizations. Use your judgment what is appropriate for children that visit our virtual museum. email-

9.Thereafter you are invited to email to WCA any description of your WCOSG gallery and a brief artist's biography. We will be more than happy to provide information about your overall art site besides just the WCOSG section.

10. Once your gallery is accepted it will be permanently listed and archived by the museum. It will be promoted to bring more traffic to your total Web site. Should you decide later not to particpate, no reason need be stated but please have the courtesy for volunteers of WCA to be given at least 2 weeks to remove the site from our cross-referencing pages. (If you think your may drop out later please don't even bother constructing a coalition gallery in the first place.) Establishing a gallery as such makes your site an affiliate of Webmuseum but does not guarantee a future invitation to exhibit work(s) within the Webmuseum site.


The above guidelines is prepared by the Advisory Committee of Webmuseum Cybercolony- Feburary 18, 1998