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Welcome to WCOSG, acronym for Webmuseum Cybercolony of Satellite Galleries. Our network of art gallery pages promotes art given life through this new Cyberspace dimension of human interaction. Interestingly this sudden availability for artists to globally reach other artists and an international audience emerged only during the waning years of the 20th Century. Therefore there is a turn- of- the- century great expectation that the new millennium will be a new era of vastly improved cross-cultural interaction led by shared networking values that evolve a new form of cultural assimilation. WCOSG works towards contributing fine arts that is identified with and enhances online experience which, in the long run, leads to the development of a mature and shared Cyberculture innate to the Internet community.

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The Galleries Around the Planet


Site No. 1- Ladyhawk's WCOSG Gallery- established February 13, 1998

SiteNo. 2 - Home on the Web WCOSG Gallery - Feburary 26, 1998

Site No. 3 - "M"'s WCOSG Gallery - March 21, 1998

Site No. 4 - Frenchfries Homepage - June 1999

Site No. 5 - The Anne Harris WCOSG Gallery-March 31, 1998

Site No. 6 - The Dennis Carney WCOSG Gallery -
March 26, 1998

Site No. 7 - Ansgard Thomson WCOSG Gallery - May 17, 1998
(The Cyber-Chief  picture is dedicated to the most devoted
artist in the Web Museum
-Ansgard Thomson)

Site No. 8 - Bernhard Feller WCOSG Gallery - September 1999