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Members' Convenient Pathways - Web site Homepage
Webmuseum Cybercolony- Sector I of LastPlace.Com with Cyberart exhibitions
VRML Terminal - Grand Central CyberStation to VRML exhibition spaces; VRML plug-h\in here
Pygoya Webmuseum -Pygoya's Cyberworks, Cyberists Hall & VIP Suite Gallery
Rave Webmuseum-growing famous global artist collection, Spotlight Gallery & Art College Gallery
O'Carney Webmuseum Theater- Cyberart animation
Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library- Sector II of LastPlace.Com; references to Cyberart, Cyberartists & Cyberculture

After joining you will be given access to a more detailed Members' Convenient Pathways page with links directly to Pygoya Webmuseum's Cyberists Hall, Vip Suite Gallery, Special Effects Gallery, Potpourri Gallery and Recent Works Gallery and Rave Webmuseum's Spotlight Gallery and Art College Gallery.

Member Benefits

Convenient Members' Pathway links to main attractions of

Email announcments on new exhibits & artists receptions at Reception Hall

Official WCA link button for members' Web sites to WCA bulletin of notices and What's New at Webmuseum Cybercolony-

Special Members Only art prize contests

Special Members-Only preopening Reception Hall chat parties with the featured artist(s)-announced time of chat via email

Special Members-Only events

Information on other Cyberart events and opportunities for artists around the Web

Other benefits to be added!


Special effort to maintain communications and community with all cyberartists who ever have exhibited or participated in any capacity with Webmuseum Cybercolony- Cyberartist, you will got be forgotten after the end of your show but become a treasured member of a growing Cyber-digital artist community.

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WCA goal is to establish a virtual community that appreciates, creates and supports Cyberart on the Internet.