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Members' Convenient Pathways

www.lastplace.com/webmuseums..html - Web site Homepage
Webmuseum Cybercolony- Sector I of LastPlace.Com with Cyberart exhibitions
VRML Terminal - Grand Central CyberStation to VRML exhibition spaces; VRML plug-h\in here
Pygoya Webmuseum -Pygoya's Cyberworks, Cyberists Hall & VIP Suite Gallery
Rave Webmuseum-growing famous global artist collection, Spotlight Gallery & Art College Gallery
Webmuseum Theater- Cyberart animation
Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library- Sector II of LastPlace.Com; references to Cyberart, Cyberartists & Cyberculture

More convenient links

Pygoya Webmuseum's

Browser's Guidebook
VIP Gallery; VIP Gallery Art Catalog
Cyberists Hall; Cyberists Hall Art Catalog (none yet)
Special Effects Gallery
Potpourri Gallery
Cyberart Space Gallery
Recent Works Gallery
Elevator Floor Selection Panel



Cyberists Hall

4 French Cyberartists, Paris,till March 31, 1998
John Rixon and Kade, United Kingdom, Jarek Starenda , Chicago, Illinois, USA, April 1-June 30, 1998

Icelandic digital art group show curated by Birgitta Jonsdottir, Iceland, July1-September 30, 1998

VIP Suite Gallery

Debbi Germann, Washington, USA, January 1-March 31, 1998
Bill Russell, Oklahoma, USA, April 1-June 30, 1998
Elizabeth Best Konogeris, California, July 1-September 30, 1998
Kolja Tatic, Jagodina/Belgrade, Yugoslavia, October 1-November 15, 1998

Kolja Tatic, self portrait
Province of Dusty Light- I am excited to assist in showing the world a unique artist's
visionary world from Jagodina!



Rave Webmuseum's
Permanent Collection Catalog
Spotlight Gallery; Spotlight Gallery Art Catalog
Webmuseum Art College Gallery; WACG Art Catalog


Spotlight Gallery

Bryan Smith, Saudi Arabia, January -April 30, 1998
Denise Ruzich, New York, May 1-July 30, 1998
Marcel Achard, Montreal, Canada, August 1-October 15, 1998
All-World Digital Group Show, Curated show, October 20-December 31, 1998

Webmuseum Art College Gallery

Still searching for a college art department faculty member who wants to exhibit his students' digital art works. Referrals please, fellow members! Let's get the next generation of digital artists into Cyberspace and cyberart!


Webmuseum Theater's
Show Schedule


Reception Hall Chatroom - use it with your friends! We'll later have meetings in here if needed


Archived Past Exhibitions of Webmuseum Cybercolony


Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library's OWN unique contribution to Web culture-
, OPENING SOON - unlike Sector I, Webmuseum Cybercolony's digital art only exhibit spaces, this virtual museum showcases ALL ART MEDIA as long as it involves the Internet /Web as its subject matter; interested artists may inquire with cyberstaff@lastplace.com. Includes vrml exhibit space and an accompanying 2D HTML art catalog of the works.

See the historic lst inducted piece: Sunrise in Cyberspace submitted by Jeff Alu, California, USA (installed Feburary 16, 1998)

Opportunity to exhibit- call for entries from the memberhsip-Cyberculture Art Museum


List of monthly winners of Phonecard Prize


WCA Newsletter no. 1 (April 1998)

WCA Newsletter no. 2 (May 1998)

The Colony Chronicle



Members' News

Coming!!! In Cyberists Hall, April 1-June 30, 1998: 3-man show of John Rixen, Kade and Jarek Starenda; a show not to be missed; date for chatroom reception for the artists to be announced

Just In: Confirmation/acceptance of the Icelandic digital artists group show for Cyberists Hall, July 1-September 30, 1998; may be the first historic Web group show of Icelandic digital art!!!!

Our own Coordinator, LadyHawk, solos in the VIP Suite Gallery, July1-September 30, 1998; meet and talk with her in the Reception Hall chatroom; date and time to be announced

Check out the new works by Dennis Carney, "The Starving Artist" and Chris Bleicher of Munich-in the Webmuseum Theater

Experience Pygoya's new wierd "Thumbnail Series" in Potpourri Gallery

Dear Dennis Carney passed away suddenly on March 23, 1998. One of his last emails to "Doc" Chang give the latter a sense of peace for the mighty "Irish Warrior" (was an undefeated amateur boxer early in life)-

Sun, 22 Mar 1998 00:40:32 EST
CarneyArt <CarneyArt@aol.com>


Spent some time in the Theater tonight... Liked my "stuff"
best... Pass the popcorn!

12:40 AM, EST

"the Theater"


WHATS NEW! -online public news

We are establishing a new sector for www.lastplace.com. Sector IV could be Webmuseum Coalition of Satellite Galleries. These galleries would be at other artists' Web sites as a page (or pages) following the format of Webmuseum art exhibit (catalogs) and thereby be visually consistent as affiliated galleries sites of the museum. These sites would be listed, linked and promoted (free) by Webmuseum as extensions of its mission of becoming an integral part of the fine arts Cyberculture of the Web. The museum and its satellite affiliates, or WCOSG, could be known as The Cyberists and be considered an art movement in Cyberspace. Inquiries by artists are welcomed! cyberstaff@lastplace.com



Convenient WCA links


WCOSG sample gallery.. http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/5215/wco.html
(picture size 200x200 thumbnail forma)t

WCSOG Banner, Button and Divider Line Sets.

WCA Newsletter

Newsletter page2....http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/5215/wcanews2.html

WCSOG............. http://www.lastplace.com/page171.htm

WCA................ http://www.lastplace.com/WCA/wcahome.htm

WCA ..........http://www.customforum.com/wca/ (ladyhawk's site)

Guidelines for Establishing a Satellite Gallery at Your Site




at our member site, LIGHTHOME HAWAII

Launched online February 18, 1998

A collaborative project between R2001 Webring and Webmuseum Cybercolony
Features 4 "floating galleries" in virtual cyberspace housing 18 works by
member artists from around the world


WCA Membership Roster (of those who consented to be listed)


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Visit our leader's animation tribute to WCA in Webmuseum Theater!