Planning for future Volcano Art Retreat

1. Architectural Drawings now under way after conceptualization by Pygoya; preliminary draftsman's drawings inspected, revision comments added, and final drawings to get building permits will start to be made.

2. Concept art retreat will include a duplex of 2 1 bedroom country style units separated by a walk through (front door to back porch) gallery (8'x30'). In this "hallway gallery" will hang art created from this sacred spot on the active volcano of Kilaeua on the Big Island of Hawaii. The oblong exhibiting space will have track lights and long walls, skylights to let in natural daylight, and double French doors on both ends. 

3. The two units and gallery will have a wrap-around peripheral veranda to capture the old sugar plantation house spirit plus serve as important indoor-outdoor living space.  As much of the forest will be retained so that stepping out on the veranda almost puts one "in" the forest.

4. In the front a cute gazebo tucked away in the forest for some privacy for lovers. A lit pathway will guide folks back to the front porch.

5. Since it is a coveted corner lot, a double entry driveway will be constructed, one entrance from each road. In the middle will be a covering from which guest can walk up the front stairs to the porch and not get wet from the rain. It IS a rain forest so expect it to be raining occasionally.  The amount of rainfall is seasonal, more during the winter months.

6. In the back a separate dwelling for storage (or art classes, discussion presentations, sculpture, clay), laundry, tool room, and a restroom.  A lit path will connect it with the back portion of the main house.

7. The back portion of the veranda porch will be 8' wide to accommodate using it as art studio space, open to nature.  (The sides of the veranda are 6' and with sliding doors from each unit; the front portion of the veranda is 8'). The back portion as studio space may be screened in later but the forest will be visible as it is intended to be the main subject for inspiration.

8. New Age and nature sounds and accompanying music CD collections will be available and also a great sound system.

9. Each unit has a fireplace.

10. Larger than average bedrooms with good visibility of the outdoors; lots of privacy as the dwelling will be located in the middle of the 1/2 acre lot and the forest left undisturbed as peripheral visual barrier from the streets and adjacent lots as well as sound buffer.

11. A waterfall and pond is planned next to the back art studio veranda area.

12. I am contemplating a system of assisting artists to sell work inspired during their stay at the art retreat.  They can donate an original and I may frame and hang in the gallery. In the gallery will be a table with book (and guest book) that has contact information on the artists who have exhibited work in the space.  I may enter contracts with certain artist to publish for them fine art prints made from the originals that I was gifted. An agreed upon royalty on sales will be mailed to the artists.

13. Guests can be working artists, art lovers, nature lovers, or visitors who desire art lessons by the caretaker.  Art materials will be stocked and available through the caretaker.

14. Each unit will have a computer system with graphic software and email access.

15. Webists are special guests of Pygoya

16. A networking with local artists is planned. Volcano Village is Hawaii's only recognized art colony.  "Every fourth person you run into is an artist."  Just hang out at Volcano Cafe and you'll meet artists.  Come meet a family of artists.

17.  I hope to offer the ambiance of this art retreat, create in nature art studio and gallery to local school children.  I envision "excursions" to see the art and then listen to artists talk about their work.

volcano study   - pygoya  7/2004