Hawaii UFO
 Looked Like a Wayward Missile (or galactic tour bus)


HILO - -  On August 15, 2006, a silver tubular flying object buzzed Hilo Airport on the Big Island and looked a lot like a missile. Officials at the Pohakuloa Training Area told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that there were no military exercises involving missiles taking place when the object was spotted Tuesday. Witnesses told the newspaper the silver object emitted a vapor trail; but had no apparent fins or markings on it and was very loud. The object didn't threaten any air traffic. Thanks to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
MAUI -- On August 15, 2006, we saw bright slow moving objects moving and then vanishing. Right next to them we would see what looked like a falling star following the vanishing. Then we saw two "flashes" in the sky. No lights, no stars, just flashes, they looked like explosions not meteorites, as they were occurring at the same spot for about 2 minutes. Then, we noticed the two flashes were moving closer to each other until they were upon each other. The flashes seemed to increase and there were moving lights as well around the general location, unlike anything I'd ever seen. Thanks to Kathryn and LEE GUILMETTE CHIN.



Illinois Crop Circle and Orbs





GENESEO -- Christina Palladino reports, "A mystery has planted itself firmly in the middle of a 90 acre field of soybeans in Henry County. The question now is, are the five crop circles a natural phenomenon or the work of pranksters? Phenomena experts say the strange circles have killed farmers' crops for centuries and they still have no answers as to how they form, but other folks say they believe it's the work of higher powers. Henry County Sheriff Gib Cady had no real explanation for the phone call Saturday morning to report mysterious damage to a soybean crop west of Geneseo. His department had a bit of fun with the situation, asking people to call CrimeStoppers if they saw any UFO's with soybeans trailing behind. Snip Thanks to Eyewitness News TV Channel 4 Rock Island, IL