Hey Rodney,


  The count down begins.  In one week from today you will be landing on the same runway where the bodies of creatures of unknown origin were flown off to a destination that remains top secret even today.  (If they didn't exist, why is it top secret?)  As you debark the plane look around.  From there you can see the hanger where the creatures and their craft was kept.  You may have heard of the abductions where aliens use human DNA to  genetically engineer a more human appearance.  AS you walk the Roswell streets look carefully at those you meet.  You may find some seem different in an indefinable way.  You may experience strange sensations at some time for no explainable reason.  Be alert to this.  Don't be alarmed if time seems to speed up or slow down.  It will return to normal when you depart the area.  Do not wander off in the desert alone exploring.  This is dangerous.  No matter what you think happened, you will be entirely convinced it was only a dream before you reach home.  It is all part of the Roswell experience.  Get into it, go with it and enjoy your visit.