Beer is good.  Advise when and where.  If you run take lots of water.  Temps will be hi 90's to low 100's and very low humidity, 6%-15%.  Sweat will evaporate quickly so you won't realize the great amount of water you will lose.  Heat stroke is a very real possibility and can kill in these conditions.  Much different than your used to.  Headache is a warning sign of dehydration.  Don't ignore it!!  We want you to go home healthy with stories to tell your grandkids of your adventures.
  Saturday night 1st is fireworks display.  I plan to photograph it for use in art work.  It's like a tailgate party.  You park in a big open field, set-up, and photo the show.  Interested?
  I know you will have a busy schedule with all your objectives.  Will you have a car to get around?  How long are you staying?  If we can get together what would you be interested in?  I have a sketch by a fellow artist who was a security officer in 1947 and was the first person to arrive at the crash site.  At the time he drew some sketches of the beings. They are not at all like the big eyed rendition we are accustomed to seeing.  Very humanistic. 
  Any comments or requests?     More later.