It's Festival Time!

July 5-8, 2007

Greetings from sunny Roswell New Mexico!

Just to let you know that the "final as it gets" Schedule of Events is posted online for you to review - there's so much to choose from that nobody will be able to do it all!  - but the online schedule should be able to help you choose. Once you're here, all events are listed on a large single page flyer - just visit The Roswell Convention & Civic Center at 912 North Main as soon as you arrive to get your collectible copy, before all 25,000 are gone. (Some sources are indeed saying that our town of 45-50,000 will DOUBLE once again this week, so it could happen - drop by early, and get an official T-Shirt also while you're here, as supplies of these are very limited.)

Don't forget that you can save $5 per person by buying your Friday July 6th Alan Parsons Live Project / WAR concert and laser show tickets online, but hurry - the advance sale feature will be removed without warning. $25 at the gate, $20 for about the next 48 hours.

Thursday night tickets (Element 115, Chase Masterson, Vyktoria, Vic Fontana and Michael Parker) online ticket sales will disappear VERY SOON. 5 acts for $5, and those killer tickets are only while supplies last - for either concert you can still get in when tickets are gone, but you'll risk missing out on one of the coolest souvenirs of your life if you don't purchase this today!

Arriving early? See our link relating to Wed night's 4th of July Fireworks! Also, the Reed Exposition Midways Carnival will be set up with all rides beginning 5pm on Tuesday July 3rd, but LEAVES Friday, so don't forget to spend a day there with kids Tues-Fri. 

Now I hate to make you choose between missing a concert performance, but one of the best things going in Roswell is also only happening on Thursday and Friday nights.. The Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Alien Encounter Haunted  House! Over 40 volunteers from the hospital staff have been working on creating a chilling experience upstairs (and they are KNOWN for their Halloween haunted houses!) as well as a more kid-friendly Star Wars inspired Cantina downstairs. You might not get a better photo opp the whole time you're in Roswell than at this event, so make plans to stop by 601 North Main Street - and watch for the same group's Star Wars inspired float in the Saturday night parade - complete with choreographed light-saber duels!

Were you putting off buying lecture tickets for the Disclosure Debate until the last minute?  D'OH!! We've sold out of lecture seats we can comfortably offer in advance -  you might still get in on a per lecture basis at many talks, but be sure to arrive early for those if not pre-registered. Don't worry there's still workshop lectures (seatng only 50 tho!) and many more speakers at the UFO Museum available for those who wanted to mix learning a thing or two with their fun! See the Speakers link on for full details, and okay, we are still offering about 20 more Day Passes for Sunday only at the conference so you won't have to stand in line and HOPE you get in - just click the big black Disclosure Debate banner on the Festival speakers page for full details.

The Convention & Visitors Center will also house about 80 vendor tables and booths, including all kinds of UFO related clothing and souvenirs, as well as authors' tables, celebrity guest tables with X-Files' Dean Haglund and Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Chase Masterson - drop by for a photo opp and/or autographed picture for sure!! Lots of food too!

Mant people are asking about George Noory "tickets" but I just want to let you know that tickets are not available, NOR required. The broadcast will be viewable through a glass window, and once confirmed, I will add to the online schedule info about the times he is available for Meet n Greet that evening. Whether right before you leave or after you get here, check the ONLINE schedule one more time for Friday night for the latest. But big HINT - Mr. Noory will be at the Alan Parson's Live Project / WAR concert, so one more reason to buy those tickets now!

Hot air ballon rides, professional BMX and Skateboard performances, sporting events you can participate in, an amazing airshow with aerial acrobatics, UFOetry performances, Alien Motorcycle rally, Little Theater play, Alien Chase runners club (your chance to get a photo of Alien Stranger in gym clothes, ha ha! Saturday morning at 7pm at the Convention Center!) ..... Night time Street Dance, Costume Contests, and a PARADE that will be making news all over the world - what's not to love?

On behalf of Mayor Lagrone and the UFO Festival committee, thanks for your interest in our 2007 UFO Festival. We feel that we've accomplished our goal of TRULY having something for everyone, and providing more to do than you'll be able to do, all in a safe and family-friendly environment!

Thanks to our many sponsors and hard-working local residents, we know you'll have a really fun and memorable time while in Roswell!

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