My visit to Roswell, New Mexico for the  60th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident - July 4-6, 2007

Rodney Pygoya Chang   
all photographs - 2007 copyright Rodney Chang

Roswell Sights


Looking north from N. Richardson and 8th Street




Wheels to fly by 




Food vendors at the Convention Center




front of the Roswell Convention  Center and Roswell Museum & Art Center




Deal with the pain right here in Roswell and on Main Street




Federal Building




Pygoya at McDonald's parking lot mural.  Behind me looks like brain tissue!




Ol' MacDonald has a soft spot for the VW bug?




Inside drives the kids wild!  Ah, growing up in Alien Land!



MacDonald's shaped like flying saucer!  Car honks for the dude to get off the street!




Doesn't deliver to terrestrial zip code addresses




6th Street and Main Street looking north




logo of state of New Mexico looks spacey to me




"Live Dancers?  Live Girls? Lap Dancing? Cover?"




future International UFO Museum & Research Center building site




The Gallery - Pygoya with President Bob Phillips and Robin Berliner, webmaster for Roswell Fine Arts League