My visit to Roswell, New Mexico for the  60th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident - July 4-6, 2007

Rodney Pygoya Chang   
all photographs - 2007 copyright Rodney Chang




First glance of the UFO Museum and Research Center for me in 2007




No, not fumigation but blessings by a shaman




Pygoya with UFO museum director, Julie Shuster.   She said construction of the future new UFO
museum and research center on Main Street between 7th and 8th Streets was still on schedule. They
hope to relocate in 3 years.  She thought the property that I am researching as home for "Roswell
Encounter Gallery" is in an excellent location relative to the new museum site.




1940s radio news equipment and typewriter.  Note photo of 1049s Roswell on the door.




Actress Ann Robinson  in 1953 "War of the Worlds" movie was present to sign autographs.







A reproduction of an ancient South American stone surface that depicts  space visitors




At the Convention Center




Don Schmitt, and Tom Carey, Roswell Incident long time researchers




Look closely and see documented flying saucer photographs




Model horse with Roswell UFO and alien display




UFO Festival opening with blessing by shaman




Library of UFO museum



Rodney Chang checking out bottled creature








UFO museum gift shop




New art display at the UFO museum






Roswell Convention Center where the other half of the festival action - vendor booths and lectures - were held.
It is about 6 blocks between the UFO msueum and the Convention Center/Roswell art museum.  In the art 
museum's lecture hall UFO speakers were scheduled, including Don Burleson and his hypothesis of the
murder of Marilyn Monroe because she knew too much about UFOs from JFK.  I bought his signed book.





Roswell Museum and Art Center



an exhibit room




"One of the best museum in the Southwest United States."- Bob Phillips, president of the museum Board of Directors
(He was so nice to pick me up at the airport through request of his friend, Robin Berliner.)