Sounds like Roswell needs The Encounter Gallery more than ever though.My buddy that owns DarkSideInk has been going through similar shit in Salem,Ma.They're all so tourist minded that they forget what the tourists are actually there for!!They're coming to the place where a bunch of women were murdered legally in the name of religion!!He sees Salem in much the same way that you see Roswell.It's HIS mecca if you will.He's been trying to break ground there going on five years now and only last year did he land some decent sized accounts-The Wax Museum-The Witch Museum-and they are finally starting to listen to him.(Of course I'm trying to push his DarkSide to get darker but I've only been working on that for two years so,we'll see what happens.)So,don't give up my friend(not that I think you will).It'll just make the success taste that much sweeter when it comes!!


How was the 60th anniversary celebration on 7/7/07 in Roswell?  I
saw an article in the paper and it said that 50,000 people were in town over
the 4th of July to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the alien sighting on
7/4/47.  I'm only about half way through your book and it is truly exciting
and very funny.  You have a great imagination.  I can't see why this book
shouldn't be made into a movie at some point in time.  I hope you were able
to sell a lot of books.


hi unc rod!

guess what?  i let mats' mom borrow your 1st book that youve written, the one of Leila!  she started only a couple days ago and is alreayd half way through! she loves it and thinks you are such a brilliant writer! she said its so hard to put down, cuz she wants to konw waht's going to happen next.  she says its very interesting!!! :) the most amazing thing she said is how knowledgable you are and all the research you've done to write your story so well!  i told her you have like  10 degrees!


Hey Doc,
Great photos.Brought me right into the heart of alien country.I'm jealous.Got a kick out of the 'alien disguised as a kid-the face don't change but the body peels off" !!The house that you're looking at for the gallery looks cool too!! I know it didn't exactly turn out the way you wanted but at least it looks like you had some fun and met a few cool people.And you managed to make it back in time to heal up for the run of your life!!And I hope the spirit of the lava doesn't convince you to join her for eternity dude.Get close enuff to feel her heat but that's it.You still have too much to do!!That's what I keep telling my doctors.I ain't ready to die just yet,got too much to do!!And I'm sure you'll find the real Iris soon enough!!!And not one that looks like Jabba the hut with tits......


Thanks for sharing your Roswell experience with me.  Didn't remember you telling me that you were interviewed on a national UFO radio show.  What was your discussion with the announcer about? and, in your opinion, how did you think it went?  Did you get a copy/recording of that show?  If so, i would be interested in experiencing it. 
Well, sounds like you had a good trip, bro. 


Neil was asked to speak a few years ago but he does not like
the carnival atmosphere. Lloyd Pye is a friend did you meet him?
Too bad about all the in-fighting there.

Have you made any friends? I see you have not given up the idea
 of buying a house there. Boy, you don’t give up easily!


Thanks for the link to the Roswell celebration. I did, in fact, notice that article in Sunday's paper and knew you had to be there! I hope you had fun.


You did a great job online again! Thanks for the special Shaka greeting from crash site-:))) Will have to have a closer look. So much alien stuff! And that rock!!! Please stay on mother Earth with one leg at least...

Hey, am almost done with your novel!!! Boy, exciting story. Cannot believe Rose and Fran won't read! They should, especially Fran. Of course knowing you it's a story about PyG, his dreams, hopes, fears.


   Good to read about your adventures and see the pictures!   Sorry the promotion of your book was not more successful.  I see from what you said that fiction was not on the agenda of the ufo authorities.  No worries, your audience is with the readers of sci-fi though I don’t know where their hang outs are but maybe you should research that.  It would have been fun to join you in Roswell but the price tag was just not in my budget. 


Ciao Mate,
My foot feels better but a little late.
How was ROSWELL??? You have
to fill me in on everything.
I need to interview Robin is right.
What did you think of her??? Do tell.
I am out of the studio and will be back
on Friday.
Time to come to Hawaii!!!!


hi unc rod!
yah! i never bought one yet!
can i buy one roswell? but, can you autograph it for me   it's "To Jan".  let me know when i can come get it!  want it asap since she's actually almost done with your 1st book! she got to the part where anthony is born. and she wants to know, is it true, that you played with your doodoo diaper??! she said she cracked up!


very strange.... too strange?- went to part about eating shit. page 242. talk about the art mess should have been famous before artists used such as medium in 1960s.  thought baby's 'fingerpainting' should have been titled, "Shitty Art- A Bit Tart- 1947"
HUH?   Weird:



    If he can get 25K for a digital painting then ask him if he wants to be a quarter partner in a loft gallery in an up and coming art center in San Diego ’s “Little Italy”.  He can have his work on view year round and not have to pay the typical gallery percentage plus a place to party when he wants to come to town all for only a few sales of his work.  You put up another $100K and I’ll put up the rest and we are in business and you each have a full time gallery and I have a new home/studio in Little Italy.  Think about it but do it quick, its not going to be available  forever since the ground floor is really the only one viable for us.  It would be a great place to have party openings with open air restaurants up and down the street one block away.

     If you got over here and saw the scene I have no doubt you would find a way to make it happen.  Much more viable than Roswell in my limited opinion.

Hello Rodney,
Glad you made it home I'm not yet living in Las Vegas New Mexico (I live near Socorro aobut 1h 15m south of Albuquerque and still in Roswell trying to re-coup some of my losses).
The commemorative cards of the jeep are now on the table that held your books...some people are still in town but almost all looks "normal".
I think your ideas will gell...and perserverance will get all of us what we want. New Mexico has a unique energy quota for miracles. Lots of indian lands here.

"A ship is relatively safe in the harbor --- but that is not what ships were built for".

"You cannot stop the wind --- but you can adjust your sails".

"It was a pleasure breaking rocks with you" (Human anthropology is a beautiful thing --- dig deeper)

"Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels"--Faith Whittlesey

"We can do better than a legacy of asphalt roads and a thousand lost golf balls" -- from "The Kennedy Wit"



I told Michelle that I wanted to write to you after I read both of your books but I decided to write about Pygoya while the memories are fresh in my mind.  I totally enjoyed your book and love your style of writing!  You caught my interest from the first page and read every night until I was finished.  One night, I read until after 1:30 am because I was on pins and needles knowing that Leila was going to be sacrificed and wanted to know what would happen.  You are so descriptive in your writing that I could practically feel her pain!  I shutter just thinking about it.  You had me gasping and in other parts of the book, grossing out when "Anthony" ate his doots and when Verna tore the legs off of the grasshopper and picturing the praying mantis eating it!  Yuck!  I was so sad at the end when Anthony jumped into the volcano.  I was practically yelling "Don't go near the edge!"  But I came to terms with it that he and Leila were connected and meant to be together.
After finishing the book, I went online and looked up Pygoya.  I wanted to see your digital art.  I know I am not an educated person with any degrees, let alone 10!  Absolutely amazing, but thought art can be appreciated by anyone.  My favorite was "Rainy Days" and loved the pictures of "Art of the Rock."  We visited Alcatraz so it brought memories back of the dismal environment of the prison.  The picture of one looking out from a prison window looking at San Francisco, made you feel what they were feeling.....trapped and wanting to be out there where there were lights, color, and the excitement of life.
I even looked up Ripley's Believe It or Not!  Congratulations for accomplishing soooo much!  You are such a fascinating person.  I started reading "Roswell" last night and look forward to be entertained even more.  Thank you for my signed copy!  I know I will enjoy it.
Most grateful,



It was lovely to meet you at last, Pygoya.
 We tried to find you again and again without luck. Got home pretty late after traveling through 6 states and three time zones, but it was worth it. In Roswell I felt totally at home with all those aliens around. We did go to see your home / gallery, very nice...good location in the middle of everything. Alien found there a little pebble shaped and with the image of an alien face. Sign?! I am glad you went to the crash site, did you pick up anything from there, like rock / soil sample? If not I'll send you some. It's a shame about wreath We had a different guide and he personally let me put it behind the barrier. Oh well, at least we have been there as it was closed for the last ten years and our tour was on the first  day of re-opening. My Alien ( not husband ) sends best wishes and love. He will send some photos in a day or two. Your wife is very sweet.
Take care and good luck with everything you do.
Love, Yeva


So sorry that you had an unpleasant experience during your second Roswell trip. Unfortunately, when things get bigger, "organized" it breeds greed and corruption, competitiveness breeds envy and thereafter hate and hate destroys. Organized religions are good example, I can't wait for the day when the religions will collapse under their own weight of hypocrisy. Personally, I didn't experience negativity in Roswell, maybe because I didn't have to deal with anything or anyone, I just went there to pay respect at the crash site, which was a most compelling experience. The sad thing is that they're trying to turn even it into a circus. I heard that they plan to put in toilets, showers, etc. If this continues it won't be long before mcdonalds moves in. That would be simply a tragedy, even those ugly barriers spoiled the integrity of the site and yet they were worried about my tiny silk flower wreath. All that being said... Try to keep some good memories in your beautiful, creative and intelligent mind. At least you liked my Alien, for good reason too, he's one of the most kind, honest and decent beings I know. Rolfie is a good person also, very reliable and punctual. Alien is going to put photos of our trip on my web site soon. I am still a telephone person, if you want to talk, feel free to call.  I only have your work number so better not to interrupt you there. Can't wait to read your book, when things are more settled down.
Keep your chin up (as they say in Liverpool)



I am just entering Chapter 12 now and finding it sooooo interesting!  I'm reading it as if it actually happened.  When I was telling my family about the story so far, Michelle said it sounded scary.  I told her that it wasn't scary and that the aliens are only trying to help us.  As it is, we are screwing things up in this world big time with all the wars and fighting going on.  How do we save ourselves?  Hopefully the book will tell me at the end.
That's a really nice picture of you!  Isn't it exciting to know that your book reached all the way to Roswell?!  Have you gone there?  In your book so far, I'm sure some of the things you wrote about really happened.  What an experience for you, "Joey!"
Okay, back to my reading!
With much anticipation,


Rolf  is not exactly of this world as well " he sees dead people" apparently that  includes dead alien people too. He saw ONE standing at the top of that hill, just looking at us.  On the way back Bob felt sad, as we did, close to tears, he told me about it. - Yeva



The markers were put there by the owner of the ranch to mark the positions where they found the bodies of the Greys. The blue one stands for an alien with a smaller one; maybe a child. This is was he told us at the tour visitation.
This guy also told us that he has talked to an old lady who has seen the aliens. She allegedly is in posession of an old tape with evidence of aliens. He told they were of a brown color; not green or grey. He has a copy of this important tape.


The truck story is also from our tour guide (rancher). I've no evidence if this is really true.
He also told us that he and other people inspected the crash site with metal detectors and there was clearly indication of metal parts on this place.  This piece of information is hard to believe to me. I cannot imagine that the military men have overseen anything!
I have also no evidence that this was really the place of the crash of 1947. I believe that it is possible.
Recently Lt. Walter Haut has died and he left an affidavit that he has seen the Roswell aliens! This info was also on FOX News.,2933,287643,00.html
What I saw (with my "inner eyes") at the crash site was very deeply impressing to me. There was standing a Grey being and looking to where I was standing; without any movement of the grey's body. It was clearly a being of entire grey color and about 4 ft tall. I took picture No. 053; but on the picture is nothing to see. It/he was standing about in the middle of that picture.




I just read about the route you would be doing on the upcoming marathon.  That is just insane!  No wonder not many people sign up for sounds like the hardest marathon anyone could do.  Please don't forget your cell phone and whatever else you would need in case you need help.  It just sounds so scary and I will definitely be praying for your success and safety.
Your pictures of the Mauna Loa art work was just awesome!  They were just breathtaking, and I mean that sincerely.  Hey, the UFO? picture was unreal!  It sure did look like a UFO!  What caused that?  I couldn't stop staring at it.  Thank you for sharing!
I'm starting chapter 21 in Roswell and couldn't believe Iris told Billy about the port opening!  I'm anxious to see what happens now, so off I go!


Hi Rod!           
I finished Roswell last night, or should I say early morning at 1:45 am.  It was worth it!  I really enjoyed this book also.  Like I said before, I love your style of writing.  So we're saved for another 1,000 years!  Justice was done and all is well for now.  Whew!
Thank you so much for sharing your book with me.  It was even more enjoyable with the extra materials you shared so that the book became more alive!  Keep up the good work and look forward to reading your next one.
Best of luck on your marathon run!  I will check with Michelle on how well you did. 
Your avid fan,


Dear Pygoya


The Grey being was definitely not on the ridge. This would be anyway too far away for seeing clearly. It/he was standing on the ground justbefore this stone. The stone has a shadow. The being was without any shadow. Just standing there and watching, not moving the whole time.
Please see pic 053_position_of-grey.jpg for where the extraterrestrial stood.  

I changed the photo to negative mode (all three colors) and there I saw clearly a Grey being.
It/he was standing on the picture at about the position which I remember.
I attach you some drawings from an artist. This is quite similar to the one which I've seen at the crash site.
The attached drawing is quite close to what I've seen. The being had lesser face features. It looked like the being had worn a type of overall suit.

Love and Light


Hi Py,
I think that details are better when they come from the witnesses themselves.  I asked Rolfie to spell it out for you, as for Alien, he doesn't talk about it much, maybe one day he'll tell you himself.  All I remember that he told me, awhile ago, he was 11 years old at that time and it happened at night.  He saw Them, (grey type) through a bedroom window of the first floor, in fact they were peeking at him.  The area where Alien grew up was pretty rural in those days, but he wasn't abducted to his knowledge.  I don't think that Rolfie or Alien feel that they have a "cross to bare" in fact the opposite.  As for myself… after my " dream 1" I felt honored and  UFOrick.  My life changed!  I just wish there would be part 2.  Still don't know what it was…  But now I do know at least why.
About that photo…  I don't know why but I feel Rolfie thinks that he needs my permission to show it to people, maybe because I created that alien in the middle.  It's all good!  His name is UIL ( U I Love).  He is the same one, on my banner, business card and the CD Space 11 / 11 cover.  Cute or what!  I made him a few years ago.  He was quite a star, when we showed him off on the last day of our stay, hundreds of people took photos with him, I didn't mind!  It was fun.  Soon there will be a funny story about UIL in " The first Roswell ever experience for Yeva".  Keep checking my site from time to time.       
 Love Yeva



Hello Pygoya
Good luck for your marathon run. I would like to discover Hawaii. When I have the money then I will fly over. Whenever that'll be.
I made the same negative change on photo # 053 on my notebook at home, but on this screen I couldn't see the Grey being. Lower solution and smaller screen than the one at my office. So we have to wait until next week.
Enjoy Hawaii and the weather


Dr. Chang:
    Thank you for your kind letter. You have a wonderful idea. I have forwarded your comments to Dr. Marcel, and I am sure will be getting back to you.
Thank you,
Rod Mitchell

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Good luck pygoya for buying a piece of history!  Would be interesting if on this floor still is some energy left from the debris.  maybe a sensitive person can feel it. exciting idea.  rolf


Good luck with the Roswell property.  That should be interesting to see if its still around.  Do you already have property there?  The book said you have a gallery there.  True or part of the story?  I sure had a hard time trying to separate the facts because I know some of it was true.

Rochelle is just a beautiful girl.  In fact, all of your kids are good looking.  I can see that Rochelle has her Mom's long graceful neck.  You sure do have a delimma with Rochelle's future.  Its must be so hard because she is a fantastic dancer and has a great future ahead of her and on the other hand, she would have to drop out of school to pursue her career.  I sure don't envy you or Erlinda having to make this decision along with Rochelle.  Being a parent sure isn't an easy job. -Jan


    Jim may be in the right frame of mind but I fear this is not a good scenario.  Jim was amazingly attached to his dogs and having lost both of them this year is seriously depressing for him.  He even held his dog higher in his esteem than me, a fact I thought a little bit over the top but I don’t have to live with the guy so as long as he is doing good editing, why worry.  BUT he is a sensitive guy and I don’t think dealing with your material, if it includes dying dogs, is going to be possible for him, seriously.  Think of it, his dog died last week and he can’t even talk about new projects since he’s so broken up.  A good editor needs to maintain an emotional distance with the material he reads but in this case, Jim may not be capable of that. 

   By the way they had the editor of Harry Potter books on TV and she was talking about all the mistakes/inconsistencies that kids and adults send in to her about the books and they are reviewed countless times so you don’t have to be to critical of a few things slipping by us J