My visit to Roswell, New Mexico for the  60th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident - July 4-6, 2007

Rodney Pygoya Chang   
all photographs - 2007 copyright Rodney Chang

The Roswell Crash Site

(The one where the craft finally came to rest and where bodies were found.  It's located 25 miles NW of Roswell on the Corn Ranch.  To the south of Roswell, closer to Corona, is were crash debris was found by Lt. Jesse Marcel.  The theory is that the spacecraft was hit by lightening, impacted near Corona then bounced back up to finally crash miles away on the Corn Ranch.  Witnesses in Roswell reported seeing a burning fire speed across the night sky going NW on July 4, 1947)



panaramic view of the crash site

Considered sacred grounds by many believers.  Flowers and wreaths left there all the time, according to ranch owner Corn.