My visit to Roswell, New Mexico for the  60th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident - July 4-6, 2007

Rodney Pygoya Chang   
all photographs - 2007 copyright Rodney Chang



Typical terrain of the crash area which back in 1947 was condoned off by the military for a 5 mile radius.




Entry point to the crash site




Cool 40's Ford truck to take you back to the good old days




Spotlights like that had back then while the military condoned off the crash site after 11 pm. Now such
lights used for special night tours for a more eerie personal and dramatic experience.  Remember that it was around
midnight and mid-morn when the military was dealing with whatever crashed here in 1947.




More erected stones midway to the site



Told to stay on the road because of rattlesnakes, bull snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions.  "I just got bitten by a bull snake last week." - tour operator handyman




A visiting documentary TV crew




At the crash site, some sort of hill or arroyo.  The gentleman who gave the presentation is the son of the ranch owner, Mr. Corn.




Corn points to the small orange marker where witnesses said a surviving alien sat, "before some soldier rifle-butt him in the head, I think."  (Yeah, nice friendly "Welcome to our planet")




Visitors on my tour bus




 A plaque at the site viewing spot- it reads:

"We don't know who they were, We don't know why they came, We only know they changed our view of the Universe.
This universal sacred site is dedicated July 1947 to the beings who met their destinies near Roswell, New Mexico.  July 1947."




Pygoya representing Hawaii interest and respect for the site.










Sample of the desert plant fauna




Pygoya flashes the Hawaiian Shaka greeting to fellow Webists and especially co-founder Ingrid Kamerbeek of Bavaria, Germany





Pygoya greets alien disguised as boy.  The face doesn't come off but the body can be peeled away.





Ah, here comes our ride back to civilization!

ticket for bus driver $25 round trip from Roswell
 (25 miles each way)


Now for the best photos of the Crash Site by Rodney Chang


crash site rock

planetary alignment