Rodney E.J. Chang, at age 11, actually fell 50 feet off a steep Hawaiian cliff. Having beaten the odds of surviving the fishing trip accident, he went on and established a productive as well as creative life. Chang earned 10 college degrees over 17 years of classroom residency, as cited in Ripley's Believe It or Not!. He now is a dentist, artist, author, psychologist, and marathon enthusiast. His dental clinic was nationally televised for its dance reception room. Chang is the lst digital artist to exhibit in Hawaii as well as in China (Shanghai Art Museum, 1988)and India ( Calcutta , 1999). He is co-founder of the online art movement of Webism. Websites of his creative products and art theories -, a virtual art museum with 300+ visitors a day.


Rodney E.J. Chang,在他11岁时从夏威夷50英尺高的陡峭悬崖上摔了下来。但他打败了钓鱼事故的幸存几率,开始了多产的且具有创造性的生活。Chang17年的课堂学习中获得了10个大学学位,引用自雷普利的信不信由你。他现在是一个牙医,艺术家,作家,心理学家和马拉松爱好者。全国范围内的电视中曾报道过他的牙科诊所的舞蹈接待室。Chang是第一个在夏威夷举办展览的数码艺术家,并在中国(上海艺术博物馆,1988)和印度(加尔各答,1999)也举办过展览。他是Webism在线艺术运动创始人之一。网站展示他的创新产品和艺术理论——,一个虚拟艺术博物馆,每天的游客访问量已超过300人。