Your exhibition has a success. My friends (painters) have taken a look too.
They were in delight from your art. It is the new art for Russia. A lot of
painters in St. Petersburg have not computer yet! They do not know how they
could use computer to art. So it was a surprise for their years to see your
art from my computer.

They asked me to write you about their impression. And I am writing you!

Best wishes,

Catherine Yakovina

Webmaster, TC Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia


I am glad your painter friends enjoyed my art! I am a little surprise
they have not seen much computer art. I am curious... what is the
average age of your painter friends?

I have a different friends. Probably I have not friends less twenty five
years old. Usually my friends are thirty and forty years old. And I have a
friends fifty and sixty years old.
Usually old painters do not English language. So it is good that we
translate your words at the exhibition for public of Russia. Only young
(from 20 to 35 years old ) painters create digital art works. Certainly your
exhibition is surprise for painters!