TC Art Gallery Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia 
- By Pygoya


Artist's Statement

It is a honor to be invited by TC Art Gallery to share my art with the
people of Russia. Hopefully viewers can feel my excitement for digital
art, as created for our emerging Web cyber-culture. Imagine - without
the advent of the Internet these artworks could not be experienced by
you. So we all live in a changing world whereby now art is free to
travel around the planet, economically, amd be shared by Net citizens of
the emerging, global, online culture. Let this show be a symbol of the
hope of all worthy artists to be "discovered" by the world, through the
great new opportunities of the New Art World of the forthcoming
millenium. -
Pygoya, May 1, 1999


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stpeterburg2.jpg (50877 bytes)

Pygoya I



stpetersburg1.jpg (39135 bytes)
Pygoya II



stpetersburg11.jpg (37504 bytes)

Pygoya III



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Pygoya IV



stpetersburg6.jpg (38953 bytes)

Pygoya V



Pygoya's featured work at TC Art Gallery, Russia  1999

2nd and last page of works

Some Russian artists' reaction to digital art